Volunteer of the Year

Judi Richards is the ultimate cat whisperer. She shows so much love and care for the animals and staff coming in three times a week to visit all her four-legged and two-legged friends. Judi makes sure that the cats are never missing out and if she notices a cat that isn’t getting enough love, you better believe she is the first one there to make sure it feels welcome and knows what a good loving hug feels like! When things get crazy at the shelter during busy season, Judi is always willing to jump in and help where needed! She never lets any of the cats be forgotten and always ensures they are well fed, cleaned and taken care of! She always goes that extra length to make sure both the staff and kitties are stress free! Judi also makes sure to provide the staff and other volunteers with tasty treats that she bakes each week, ensuring that each and every one of us finds a smile upon our face! We would not be the same without her and we all would be smiling a lot less without the sunshine that she brings with her every time she is here!

2015 | Carole Matteri

2014 | Cathy Goldschmidt

2013 | Debbie Dennis

2012 | Rich Obwald & dog Stella Blue

2011 | Harry Stevens

2010 | Sara Cleary

2009 | Debby Grider

2008 | Cheryl Langhans

2007 | Tim Tyler


2006 | Sue Luna

2005 | Sue Oppenheimer

2004 | Wally Vollendorf

2003 | Francesca Lord

2002 | Dan Bone

2001 | Shelley Obwald

2000 | Deborah Robbins

1999 | Linda Racine

1998 | Clair and Betty Young



1997 | Shirley Spiros

1996 | Meme Harvey

1995 | Valerie Hubachek

1994 | Donna Jensen

1993 | Marge West

1992 | Frank Barrone

1991 | Diane Patrich

1990 | Elle Eggleston

1989 | Marilyn Porto

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