Spay/Neuter Services

Address: Coyote Point Shelter, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo
Phone: 650-340-7015
Office Hours: 

  • Monday-Friday, 7am-12pm & 1pm-6pm (Appointments required)


Spaying/neutering is the key to solving many of your animal’s health and behavior problems and is the most effective way to stop the tragedy of pet overpopulation in San Mateo County. Trained staff in our donor-supported clinic — located at the north end of our shelter (12 Airport Blvd.) — perform spay/neuter surgeries on every animal adopted from PHS/SPCA, and provide low-cost surgeries for members of the public and their animals. Appointments are necessary. Animals are admitted between 7 and 8:30 am and discharged between 4 and 5:30 pm. Clinic hours are Monday-Friday from 7am-12 noon, closed between 12 noon and 1pm, then reopen from 1pm-6pm. To make an appointment, call 650-340-7015.

You are welcome to pay the minimum PHS/SPCA fee, however, any additional amount you can pay toward the actual cost of the surgery will greatly benefit the shelter animals. We charge additional fees for animals who are pregnant or obese or those who have had a cesarean because they require more time and medical supplies.

Males Surgery Fees
Dogs*under 30 lbs$80
31-50 lbs$90
51-75 lbs$105
76-99 lbs$120
100+We cannot provide services for any pet over 100lbs.
Females Surgery Fees
Dogsunder 30 lbs$95
31-50 lbs$105
51-75 lbs$125
76-99 lbs$150
100+ lbsWe cannot provide services for any pet over 100lbs.
Other Services** 
Catheters for female dogs (as necessary)$15
Deciduous teeth$15 each
Ear mite medication$20
FeLv Vaccine$15
FeLv/FIV test$20
Nail Trim$5
Pre-surgical lab work$95
Tapeworm treatment$15

Vaccines are $15 each. You may also have your cat or dog microchipped for $30.
**Other Services are available only in conjunction with spay/neuter surgery and are not stand-alone services.

Fees subject to change.

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