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Mini Sessions

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Loose Leash Walking & Recall
Day one will focus on teaching your dog how to walk on a loose leash and learning ways to correct unwanted behaviors. Learn to improve your leash handling skills and better your dog's basic knowledge of leash manners. Day two will give you and your pet the tools to master the "come" command. You will gain confidence in being able to have your dog return to you in tough situations.

"I liked learning the different ways to keep my dog exciting about coming to me." - Recall Mini-Session Client


Good Manners for the Holidays
The holidays are nearly here! This two-day mini-session is perfect for owners who have already taught their dog basic obedience but looking to refresh skills that have not been practiced in while. Your dog will look like a perfect lady or gentleman when they show off their good manners during your holiday festivities!

"The most valuable part of the class was teaching my dog how to meet people, wait at doors, and take or leave something."
- Mini-Session Client


Puppy Ghostbusters (2 Day)
After taking this class, your puppy will fear nothing! Proper socialization is just as crucial for your pup as basic obedience. In this socialization/training course, puppies are exposed to different life situations and novel objects from vacuum cleaners, doorways, strollers, muzzles, canes to even kids, the elderly and maybe a man in uniform. Of course, we'll also offer supervised play time and random sounds played on a CD. The course is a mini-session where each day the trainer will cover ways to socialize and show owners how proper introduction paired with positive experiences lead to well-rounded, confident adult dogs.


Training for Kids (2 Day)
Over the course of this Two Day Mini Session, children will learn how to train their family dog while having fun! Kids will be taught how to take control of their canine's leash and how to guide him through the basics of "sit," "stay," and several other fun commands. At least one adult must accompany each child for both sessions. Only three children maximum allowed per dog, please. This mini-session is suitable for children ages 6 - 10.

"It was fun to play hide-and-seek." - Training for Kids Mini-Session Client


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