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You can now bring your dog or cat and his or her issues to PHS/SPCA for a private, one-on-one behavior consultation. Our experts will help you work through issues such as housetraining, separation anxiety, shyness, fear, new dog/puppy problems, obedience and dog reactivity. Because we are a non-profit, our rates are significantly less expensive than other consultation businesses. To schedule an appointment, please call 650/340-7022 x667 or email and include your dog's name, breed, gender, and age and the issue(s) you want addressed.


Canine behaviors not entailing fear, reactivity or aggression problems.

  • 1 hour initial: $70
  • 30 minute follow up: $40

Canine behaviors involving fear-based reactivity/aggression.

  • 1 hour initial: $90
  • 30 minute follow up: $50
Got a new puppy? Need some help with destructive chewing, potty training, interaction with kids/animals, or any house manner issues? PHS/SPCA offers Puppy Consultations where you and your new puppy can meet with a behavior trainer at our shelter for a private, one-on-one behavior consultation. Our experts can help you work through all issues that occur during puppyhood. The first few months are crucial for your puppy when it comes to proper learning and socialization with people and other animals.

"I was very pleased with the openness to questions. The trainer understood my dog like no one else ever had."

"The trainer demonstrated to show me what I should do, and I liked being able to practice with other dogs around. The follow-up and notes were very helpful."

"It was comforting to learn that my dog's problems were not unique."



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