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Happy Tails

We’re all ears! If you have an interesting story and photo of your adopted animal please email it to with Happy Tails as the email header. Also please include your name and city.

MollyWe started fostering Molly in May 2011, in hopes of socializing her a bit (she was terrified of everything) and getting her adopted (and then adopted her ourselves cause we couldn't bear to give her up). She's like a different cat from when we first took her home: she walks through the house yelling to whomever will listen and she loves being in the middle of any hangout. She's the best, and we really love her tons. Thank you for rescuing her!

Rosie & Ilya, Albany, CA

Cha ChaWe just wanted to write you about Rosita (formerly Charlotte) our beautiful 2 year old cat. We adopted her from your shelter when she was 3 months old, our lives have not been the same since, she has brought us so much joy and happiness. She is such a sweet and gentle girl with my two children who adore her.

Thanks so much to your wonderful staff who helped me pick the puurrfect kitty!

Claudia, Burlingame

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Cha ChaI've written to you before about Mrs T, the cat I adopted back in 2011. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. My time in CA finished at the end of last year, but I can't imagine life without Mrs T so as of yesterday, after a great deal of time and paperwork, she is settling in (attached) to her new home in Adelaide, South Australia.

I'm sure many of your adopted pets end up travelling outside of CA but at 13 000 km, maybe Mrs T can claim to have travelled the longest!

Thanks again,

Jill M

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Cha ChaWe adopted Eddie (formerly Edmun). He has been a delight and keeps us jumping! We are trying to socialize him with an older cat here.   - The Rodoni Family

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Cha ChaPlucky has been a great addition to our little rescue flock. She has been befriended by Fluff, previously the odd girl out, who defends her vigorously from the girls higher in the pecking order. She has learned to eat zucchini and loves it immensely. She now eats treats from our hands. She has found her spot on the perch and merrily parks herself there every night to sleep. She has started blessing us with little tiny eggs, about half the size of a regular egg. We have been calling her Plucky because it is defined as courageous, bold, and daring. That certainly sums her up. She never ceases to amaze us with her spunk and entertain us with her antics. Thank you for this Plucky gift!

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Cha ChaOne year ago today, we adopted this precious little doll. Chris and I wanted to update everyone that she is doing great. She loves to eat, take walks and snuggle. She is the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you PHS for taking care of our little princess!

Kind Regards,

Jenna Kester, Chris Ainsworth and Cha Cha

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BaileyWe are celebrating our 1-year anniversary of having adopted Bailey, a then 4-year old tabby who was "not adjusting well to life in the shelter".  We often hear that older animals are less likely to be adopted than younger ones, but it never crossed our minds that we were adopting an "older animal"... especially when knowing an indoor cat can live some 20-years!  As an experienced cat, Bailey came to us litter trained and ready to rumble -- purring on our laps or chasing a laser, but often more inclined to do the former than the latter.  

We give Bailey lots of love everyday, an she doubles it in return....we are so happy to have many, many more years to come with our loving zen kitty.

Steve & Heather, Hillsborough

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AliceMy husband and I adopted little 10 year old Onyx and his new name is Jimmy. I spotted him while volunteering at Coyote Point and had my eye on him so when I got a message early Sunday morning that he was up for adoption we got dressed and high tailed it to Lantos. He fits in perfect. Even our kitty loves him and he loves her. Adoption at it's finest.


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AliceThank you so much for taking little Kaylyn in as a 4 week old stray kitten. Kayley and I first met in mid November and I finally adopted Kayley aka (Kaylyn) December 9th . When I first saw little Kayley I just knew in my heart she was something special but as a first time soon to be kitten owner, I was quite nervous to adopt. So I began visiting Kayley almost every other day for hours at a time. The staff patiently let me play with her several times so I could get to know her. Kayley is small in size but BIG in personality! She's bright, affectionate, sweet, and frankly darn right bossy at times. She just always has the ability to make me laugh with all her adorable ways. She loves to play with all her toys and follow me around at home. My boyfriend, Kayley, and I are now a little family. Thanks again for Kayley. She has been a true blessing in more ways than one.

Warmest regards,
Angela, Jason, and KAYLEY

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AliceAlice, the doe-eyed dog in the background, came to PHS/SPCA as an incredibly shy dog who used to run away all the time. PHS/SPCA found a wonderful, temporary foster home, and, eventually, a permanent home. All she needed was love, attention and a chance. A new buddy didn’t hurt, either!

Take care,

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Poppy"Poppy" came into my life quite unexpectantly and the timing  of her adoption brought a miracle of joy and sunshine into my life. I went in to PHS in October of 2013 to donate some blankets and dog supplies in honor of my beloved female boxer Lucy who had recently passed at age 13. Lo and behold, right as I came into the front door of  PHS, a volunteer was walking this gorgeous, perky little Jack Russell named Poppy.   I was instantly intrigued by her boundless energy and spunk!  Poppy came right over to me! Long story shortened, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was the lucky and proud owner of "Poppy"  :) Some things just happen by chance and they are meant to be.... Poppy loves her new home and frequent walks on the beaches in Half Moon Bay!. Poppy's favorite sport is hiding her Himalayan bone treats all around the backyard! Thank you PHS for all you do to rescue pets along the Peninsula and beyond!

Susie, Palo Alto

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OdinHello friends at Peninsula Humane Society!!! We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for uniting us with the love our life, Odin (formerly Henry). He was the first kitty we even met here and turned out to be our perfect fit. His voice is what makes him so special, although he's an 18 pound boy his meow is only but a squeak. We knew that he was special by the way everyone at PHS was so sad to see him go. He likes to lay on my textbooks while I study and wake us up in the morning by fitting between our pillows and giving our faces little nibbles. We can't imagine life without him, he is the best companion we could ask for. Thank you for helping us find our norse god of a kitty :) 

All the best,
Lauren and Brett

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Champ and MerleHello to all our friends at PHS/SPCA!  This is Champ, hope you remember me and my brother, Merle.  We lived there until our Mom, Dana, came and brought us home in November.   Merle lived there for almost a year and I was there for a few months after I became a tri-pawd.   Dana says she watched us online for quite awhile before she came to “visit” us.  It was an exciting day!  She played with us for awhile and then couldn’t leave without us.  We are pretty amazing!  Dana (she’s a nurse) has a home in someplace called Arizona, and she came here with 2 chihuahua’s that were 17 and 18.  They crossed over the rainbow bridge during the year before she came to visit us.  All our new friends tell us she was very sad about that - but it’s hard to believe that now.  She laughs and loves on us all the time!  She told you guys she was worried about bringing the two of us home to where we live now (she calls it an RV,) because it was small and she works as a traveling nurse - she calls it “nomadic.”  She says we will live here for a long time - we are just going to visit Arizona sometimes.  Well, me and Merle just love our home…we have made so many friends here!  You are not gonna believe this, but we live in a park!  We have made so many friends - like Auntie Nina.  She lives across the drive and she was also very sad and stayed in her house all the time until we got here.  Her dog, Sierra, had crossed over the bridge last year too.  So we always greet her with lots of joy and kisses when she comes over to walk us when Mom’s at work.  We know she loves it ‘cause she takes us out 2 or 3 times a day!  We play in her yard and greet all our other friends when they pass by...sometimes there is a big group of folks just petting us, chatting and laughing.  Mom says we are the heart of this park.  It’s a big job making so many people happy - but it’s easy cause they make us happy (and Merle says to tell you they bring us lots of treats.)   Speaking of Merle - he is such an attention hound for a MinPin.  He plays fetch with everyone and greets them all like special friends - I am much more dignified and sit back and enjoy the petting.  I believe I get more treats!  Boy, you should have seen Christmas - there were so many gifts for us from all our friends (especially Auntie Nina - we love her so much!)  Well this was probably too long but it’s been a few months so I wanted to catch you all up on our busy, happy lives.  If I had let Merle write it - it would have been much shorter.  Mom says Merle may be a little ADHD - I don’t think so - he sure pays close attention when someone teaches him another new trick with a hot dog in their hand.  I want to thank you for taking such good care of us and teaching us our manners - we sure seem to impress everybody!  Love to you all!     

Dana L.

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Rosie was adopted in 2004.  She loves laying around and having her head scratched.  she loves rubbing against your legs and is very verbal when hungry.  she is a joy in our lives we love her so much. 


Lesley, Foster City

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leoDear PHS/SPCA,

This is a thank-you from us. We adopted Leo (a.k.a Kurt) as a kitten in November and we'd just like to tell you that everything has been wonderful, and that he's a happy and active teenager !

We'd especially like to thank the staff and volunteers in charge of socializing the kittens. You did an awesome job with Leo, he's quite the confident and social cat and he engages his big sister (13 year-old dog) without the slightest worry on either his part or ours ... or hers.

Mark A. and Gail K., Palo Alto

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Santa IndyI adopted these two kitties way back in 2007 and to this day it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Mrs Maggie Mae Bushtail and Mystofwitz have enhanced our lives more than we could have imagined.  I'm sure we've done the same for them.  These two spoiled kitties rule the house!!!  

Christine A., San Bruno

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Santa IndyI am so happy to have adopted Indy. He is a awesome dog and great friend to have. At age 10 he still has a lot of energy and loves to walk. You guys are so helpful and very kind people. Maybe someday I will come by and adopt a friend for Indy to play with.  You guys made my Christmas even better this year. Indy is very thankful for all you have done for him since he has been there. He has a great home and now and being spoiled rotten. Thanks again and great work you guys!!

Krishniel R.

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SolaIt's been ten months since I brought Sola (Jaime) into my home and I'm amazed each day at the love that pours out of this girl and the progress she's made!  I read thru the notes again of your volunteers' visits with her and I keep saying to myself "shy?? no way!!!"    We've got a cool little routine in the morning when I wake up (when she wakes me up by grooming my cheek!).  She squeaks a little bit which means she wants me to play catch with her before I feed her.  She loves fetching rolled up little pieces of paper.  She's great at batting them back to me or capturing them like the little hunter she is.  In the past two months I've finally got her comfortable with me picking her up and holding her in my arms and walking around my tiny cottage with her like that.  I cannot believe how much she has brightened my life!!!!  Thanks again!!!


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JimmyThanks PHS - we love her so much. She is so friendly, loving and trusting we are lucky to have her, thanks to you!!!  Here she is sporting a moustache (photoshop of course!) as part of a doggie charity effort in the U.K. Woof!

Paul & Robin, Woodside

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JimmyWe adopted Jimmy in February 2013. When I saw him on the PHS website and knowing our next dog would be a rescue I had to have him. We are so happy to have him as part of our family. He has added so much joy and fun!!!!!! Jimmy goes everywhere with us and he loves every minute of it. Jimmy is a perfect fit with our family and could not imagine life without him ;;)))). He is a true gentleman!!!!

Tina G., San Bruno

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PrestonThis is Preston! We adopted him in 2004. He now lives with us in Burlingame, California and is the best dog ever! Preston loves long relaxing hikes...well short relaxing hikes now that he is 11. His favorite activities are playing ball in the backyard, whining until someone drops some food, and napping loudly in the sun. (He snores a little. Ok a lot!) We are so happy that we adopted Mistah P that we are now looking to adopt another dog from the PHS! Thanks!

Madelyn W., Burlingame

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Baxter doing agilityThought you'd like to hear how well Baxter is doing! After we get through all agility, I'm thinking about the scent detection workshop. It turns out Baxter is quite the doggie Einstein!

Lisa W.

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PhoenixThank you for taking such great care of Phoenix (formerly Paulina) at PHS.  She had been dropped off in your after hours receiving with a wound in her belly, and the doctors who operated on her estimated her age to be between 10 and 14 years old.  

As a first time cat owner, I was told that older cats may be easier to take care of, so I adopted Phoenix in October 2012. She has blossomed into a silly, loving cat that brings so much more joy to our household than we had ever expected.  We also suspect she may actually be a bit younger than we'd thought, which is lucky for us.  This is a picture of her patiently waiting for her turn with the sink water.  Thank you for accepting every animal at your facility.


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TruffleThis is Truffle! He is a seven year old Chihuahua/Mini Pinscher mix. He is feisty and territorial, but underneath his valiant demeanor is a loyal, compassionate little boy. He truly believes it his job to love and protect our family, and is always beside me when I have a good cry. Aside from running around in the open field and playing fetch with his baby (this is what we call his stuffed toy), Truffle loves to eat. His favorite thing to nibble on is his bacon treat, which he receives once a day. 

Our family adopted Truffle seven years ago, when he was just three months old. I was going through a rough time and someone suggested that I adopt a therapy dog, so we went to the Human Society in search of a match. I was interested in several dogs before I met Truffle, but was told that my lifestyle was incompatible with them. I was finally introduced to Truffle after I confided in an employee about my situation. However, I was a little disappointed that he was a male because I had always wanted a female dog. But I accepted what I was offered in hopes that everything would work out. Now, seven years later, I am grateful that I was denied those dogs to which I was first attracted because I have come to realize that Truffle is the perfect complement to my life. I could have not asked for a pet who is more affectionate, faithful, and attentive to my emotional needs. I do not know how I survived so long without him, and cannot imagine how my life would be if I no longer had him. Thank you Truffle, for your unconditional love and support! 

Lucy X., Sunnyvale, CA

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Casey the 13 year old catThis is my cat Casey (old name at PHS was phoebe). She is 13 years old and we adopted her from PHS when she was about 9 months old. I remember she stuck her paw outside of her cafe like she was trying to grab my attention literally when I was trying to see a kitten next door to her. She had been returned a few times for not getting along with other people's cats. It took her time to adjust to our house but her true self came out slowly but surely. She is the most lovable, loyal, and perfect cat I have ever had! I love her with all my heart and I am so thankful she was returned to phs because we were meant to be together.

Jessica B., Peoria, Arizona

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Cosmo the cat enjoying the tubey toyHello all at the SPCA!

I was adopted from your shelter in February 2012, just before my 15th birthday. Just wanted to write to let you know how great life has been for me since, and to thank you for caring for me those six months at the shelter. Since my adoption, I've mostly played with my toys and slept on my human's lap, but there are a few highlights I thought I'd share with you. I've had my own kitty bed for about a year now, which I love when I'm not sleeping with my human. My favorite toy (which I wish every cat at the shelter had!) is "tubey." I am absolutely addicted to running through this tube and playing with my toy all over it. Here's a snapshot in action (it's blurry because I'm so fast and ferocious). I turned 16 this past April, but I have not slowed down at all! I play all the time, and continue to have fantastic new experiences. For example, we just moved to a new apartment in Redwood City, and it has a solidly enclosed ground-floor patio. Although I was declawed by my previous owner and therefore could never go outside, I can safely go outside now! I love sitting on the settee, or on my human's lap, just watching the sky and the birds or lying on the ground in the sun  (note: one of those plants is my very own catnip!). Anyways, just wanted to send you all a big "thanks," please pass it on to my volunteer handlers TC, WSP, VV, Shelley, RD, KD, SG, SC, SG, and CL, and let them know that I still love lying on laps and getting tons of affection!
Yours truly,

Cosmo (and Elle W. in Redwood City)

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Abner (tabby) and Lilah (white)I adopted Lilah (formally Ivory) in August 2012 and she has been a delight every day since then.  We had adopted a friend for her but unfortunately he passed away after only 3 weeks and it was heart breaking to watch her walk around looking for him so we decided to get her another pal and chose Abner (formally Tonka) in February and they have been best buds since.  Abner has been slow to come around to us but he lets us pet him and he will even come into bed to get some love before he goes to bed.  They have brought so much joy to our life and can't imagine life with out them.  Thank you for taking care of them for us!

Heather T., South San Francisco

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Cisco enjoying ice cream

I adopted Cisco, or Francisco (if we are trying to be fancy/if his mustache gets too big for his own good) a little over 2 years ago (where he was formally known as Carmel). Since he had been dropped off in your after hours drop box there wasn't much history known but after many hours (including 4 hours of haircutting according to his records) he was ready to be brought home. He has been the most amazing dog (though i swear he doesn't know he is one) and I really can't imagine how I went so long without him because we fit so well together. He is an amazingly quick learner, so friendly and gentle, LOVES any type of food, endlessly tries to become friends with our cats to no avail, snuggles and receives endless amount of love from us and everyone he meets (plus he puts up with me constantly taking photos of him). He has many friends in his San Francisco neighborhood and is always meeting new ones at the parks and beaches around the city! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet my doggy match and bringing so much happiness into both our lives!

-Bessie B. (San Francisco)

Ps: the look on his face while eating the doggy cone from Polly Ann ice cream is the definition of pure bliss.

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KovuWe moved into a new home with our 5 year old cat and had finally agreed to bring a new addition into the home to keep him company while we were all away at school and work during the day. We came to the new Adoption center with our hearts set on a new black kitten (due to the loss of a beloved cat a long time ago). My family had been there earlier that day and began to tell me about a brown cat with a 'lion king' like face. I absolutely adored the lion king, but my heart was set on a black cat. Upon arrival, my family led a friend and I to the room that homed Toby (later to be renamed Kovu), a beautiful mixed coat 6 month old kitten with dazzling yellow-green eyes. I instantly fell in love. He was quite a large kitten, larger than the others in the cage with him, and he pawed at us through the metal bars of the cage. We didn't need to look anymore, we knew we had found our new family member. We asked to see him and while in the room with him he played with us and our hearts melted in his tiny paws. We took him home that day, and we have loved him ever since. We adopted him in October of 2012. 6 months later he has nearly doubled in size and is still as playful as ever. He loves to cuddle, play, and 'terrorize' our other cat (in the friendliest of ways of course). Plus, he's a little purr machine! Our other cat, who we later learned did not get along well with his previous owners other cats, grew to love Kovu and they are two little friends and cuddle buddies, never seeming to leave one another sides. I have to thank the Peninsula Humane Society for matching us up with the best kitten we could have asked for. 

Briana B., Daly City

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FoxxyFoxxy is a delightful dog that is simply perfect for our family. She loves to play fetch. A team player and always up for a tummy rub.

Sandy S.

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Gemma the black cat plays with a toyI just wanted to let you know that Majestic, (now Gemma - a little gem of a cat with emerald and sapphire eyes!) has settled into her new home really well after 5 weeks. From the moment she came out of her carrier she was curious and friendly, not shy at all. She purrs a lot, meow chats and likes plenty of attention. I truly adore her and I am thrilled to have a new kitty after 4 lonely years without one after my 2 beloved cats of 15 years passed away within 2mths of each other. My 14yr old son is really enjoying her too and she is not shy with him either, loving all the extra attention and playtime.  She really enjoys strings, the cat dancer toy, and being brushed. Despite not being a lap cat, she is now becoming cuddlier and sleeps on the bed with me regularly. Thank you so much, PHS!
Kate L., Millbrae

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Rabbits Josie and NoahHello!

My family and I drove 45 minutes to come see your bunnies, I'm so glad I did! This place is amazing and the staff I can't say enough about. I wanted a big bunnie and that’s what we got. We adopted Josie who has been there for a year and a half. To be honest I was a little afraid of how she would react to my kids but she proved me wrong. Day two, she was sleeping with my son on his bed! It couldn't stop there because we went back the following week and adopted Noah. Oh yes Noah if like a dog. You call him he comes, he loves to be in the refrigerator when its open and boy did this bunnie know. How to play soccer! We are so happy that we adopted these two they bring fun and happiness into our home. Thank you staff for everything.
Traci R.

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TylerHello !

In June, we lost our cat Piston of 17 years.  It was truly sad in our household (I would say awful).  A few days later, a very small kitten appeared in the bushes in front of our house.  We decided to keep kitten - Cali.  Our older cat was not happy with the loss and then the new addition. 
We made a decision to bring in one more young cat to keep Cali busy.  We choose Tyler - a young Black and While polydactyl.  He is a true joy.  Loves snuggling, loves eating, loves running, loves attacking his younger buddy.  It has completed our household.  Thank you for helping find our newest family member.

Jennifer and Jason C. 

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SunnySunny is still a little shy and loves to play at night, he likes very much his new home and we love him too, thanks PHS

Ramon C.

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BorisI adopted Chase (now Boris) last week, and I was a little concerned about whether he and my original cat would get along.   It only took a few days for the two of them to begin galloping around the house and jockeying for position to "get" the other. The only real problems are that he's laid claim to the most comfortable chair in the house, and no one comes over to see me anymore...they all just want to get their mitts on Chase/Boris. He's a sweetie and a complete character, and I am very lucky.

Thank you!
Marianna L., Moss Beach

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Fiona and MiloDear PHS,

We also would like to thank you for not euthanizing hard to place animals. Fiona (formerly "Alexis") had been a feral kitten and was known for never coming out of her box at PHS. But we knew that with some patience she would learn to trust humans, and she did! Now our beautiful girl likes to sit with us while we watch movies, and loves being scratched and petted. Her brother, Milo (formerly "Samson", adopted from PHS in 2008) had also been hard to place because his estimated age was 10 years. At first he was very skittish after living on the streets, but now he's so friendly and affectionate! He runs to the door to greet us when we come home, and lets us pick him up and cuddle him. Milo and Fiona are best friends. They enjoy grooming each other and sleeping together every day. We have attached some pictures of them together. Thank you again for taking care of them. We love them so much.
Denise L. and Alex K., San Francisco

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TenorMerry Christmas from a happy family,

We adopted our lab about 8 years ago.  THANK YOU for allowing us the opportunity to spend each and every day with our beautiful boy - Tenor  (he is the one on the floor). He was the stud in a puppy mill.  (The mill was shut down and over 25 labs were seized). You had a program to teach potential adoptable dogs, puppy manners.  I believe it was called Second Chance Dogs.  I just want you to know, we've been spoiling him ever since.  Merry Christmas from a very happy family!
Doanna and Chris

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BaconI adopted "Jimmy" last year in September. However, since Jimmy is my name, too, he has since been renamed "Bacon," after both the delicious food and Francis Bacon. I live on a 43' long sailboat and go sailing often. At first, he was hesitant about it, but after a little while, he's become a great boat dog. He has his own cabin and plenty of room to run around on the docks and in the yard, and he loves rides in the "little boat."

James B., Redwood City

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LaceyHi SPCA,

Here is a picture of Lacy (renamed from Prin) that i adopted in Sept 24.  She is doing great.  

Holly N. Brisbane

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ShadowHello There, this is Shadow!  My Mom and I just had our fifth anniversary together. I was a very wild teenage when mom picked me, she is disabled, but she sure trained me. I even got my Canine Good Citizen Certificate, after 4 different training classes. I have mellowed out and really enjoy life with trips to the Dog Park and Doggy Day Camp where I have lots of friends. My buddy Olive comes to play three times a week and do we like to wrestle! If my mom can tame me then anyone with patience (lots of) and love can turn any of PHS dogs into a Good Citizen! So if you are thinking of adopting a fellow PHS dog, just think how great a dog it will be!

Shadow and Kathleen K., East Palo Alto

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WinterIt was about a month ago that my husband and I adopted winter (formerly known as Jessie).  In the one month we have had her she has brought us so much joy and laughter. She loves her new home and all her new toys, but mostly she just loves cuddling with her new family. We love watching her grow and learn new tricks. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy.

Matt & Angela B., Redwood City

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Ollie and BrodyKitty love is the best love!

Thank you again and again Peninsula Humane for giving my boys, Ollie and Brody, a chance at life when they were little, lost and hungry. They are the sweetest, most grateful kitties and give me so much joy.

Maria R, Burlingame

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AlbertDear PHS-SPCA,

I wanted to send a quick message to thank you for providing a home and love to our dog Albert before he became a part of our family in September of 2008.  His age was unknown at the time of adoption, but estimated to be at least 10—an older, distinguished gentleman. We often lovingly referred to our house as a geriatric home for pets and I can’t imagine having spent the last four years with any other dog. He truly helped defined who we were as a family while he was with us. Like any good relationship, ours with Albert brought out the best in us. He loved the ocean and his twice daily walks. When he was outside, he had the demeanor of a dog much younger than his teenage years.  He was quirky, yet tough and loved by many people.  He traveled with us to Port Townsend, WA this summer and was the happiest we’d ever seen him. We were devastated when he became sick and stopped eating, but we know that he had a great life while in our care and his spirit lives on through our commitment to adopting older animals.

Thanks again,
Lee P. and Natan B., San Jose

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I wanted to send some photos of "Skippy", renamed Samson, who was adopted from your shelter on August 16th, 2012... He now lives in the San Francisco sunny Mission neighborhood, with his older (dog) brother Alec, and his 2 moms! The photos are from Bernal Height Park and Mc Kinley Park. Samson has been absolutely awesome, and so we wanted to share a few photos and let you know :) I hope this message finds you well.

Many woofs,
Celine, Alexandra, Alec, and Samson!

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DandelionI wanted to share we are just so happy she came to join our small family and have grown to absolutely adore her. She is still very shy, but definitely less than when she first came to live with us. Dandelion and my daughter Betsabe have bonded in a way it's just a joy to see them play together and interact with each other every day.

She went to her first Vet check up a month or so ago, and did very well. She is healthy and growing. We are getting ready to take her to get her shots later this week and hope she will do just fine (she doesn't enjoy the car ride very much) We think she is living a very happy life! Thank you!

Fatima G.

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KipHi There! I wanted to be able to share my story with you guys so here it goes! : My whole life I have been wanting to work with animals and when I grow up I am going to be a vet technician (hopefully).  Well since I was only 9-10 at the time I wanted to be a guide dog trainer but then I figured out that I would have to give the dog back so I decided I should get a dog to train him for therapy work.  I have always wanted my own dog to call mine.  It took a while for my parents to say okay, well they said if we found one they would consider and I happened to find one.  My mom and I were at Pick of the Litter one day and that day was a mobile adoption day!  I saw a dog who I think was a 10 year old long haired Chihuahua named Georgie. I fell in love. I told my mom and she fell in love as well.  We called my dad and he said we would go the next morning.  I was so excited I couldn't sleep.  The next day had come and we left to get my Georgie.  Once the car was parked I ran to the front desk and asked for Georgie.  As I was asking for Georgie I saw him walk by with a lady and she had her papers.  They told me that a lady had just adopted her.  My heart sank and to this day it’s still hard to think about Georgie moving on.  My mom and dad saw how much I loved that dog and said the next day we could go look again.  I was happy about that but still missed Georgie.  It was the next day and we brought our cat (Cranberry who we also got at the PHS) to make sure if we got a dog they would get along.  To be honest I was terrified of all the big dogs jumping and barking and so I volunteered to sit with the cat and wait to see if they saw any dogs first and when they came back they told me they saw this funny looking dog but they didn't know what kind of dog he was.  I said we should look at the dog and so I sent my brother to go get the dog’s packet.  The packet said he was a Pekingese mix.  I had never heard of the breed and he looked funny to be honest.  A man brought him in and I fell in love again. He was small cute had a funny face and well he makes the funniest noises ever.  He just walked right up and sat in our laps.  I knew this would be our dog so I said, this is my dog.  We weren't allowed to bring out the cat but we were willing to take a chance.  We asked him if he would keep the dog on hold for us and he said only for the day so we went home and right when my dad got home we drove to the PHS and had my dad meet him, everyone fell in love.  We said we wanted to take him home so we did. He was to be my therapy dog.  But sadly that didn't work out very well.  He decided that he was my mom’s dog and only liked my mom for a while.  He wasn't meant to be a therapy dog but he was still our dog.  4 years later he is 6 and not your typical dog.  He sleeps on his back and somehow purrs.  He can’t walk far and can’t whine.  He is a dog to remember. We love him and will forever be a part of our family including our lab and two cats.
I now volunteer at PHS and have never met a dog like him.  My family and I are very lucky to have Kip in our family.  We love our Kippy :)
Thank you to all staff and other volunteers. You are truly one special shelter.
Thank you sooooo much!
April-Elizabeth L. , Burlingame

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CheckersDear PHS,

My husband and I have always been cat people (we have two), attributed mostly to living in apartments and moving a lot, but when we purchased our first home in Santa Clara 3 years ago, we both agreed that we wanted to adopt a dog to share in our new life.  A good friend of mine who was volunteering at PHS at the time suggested I check out the website for adoptable animals and then come down and meet in person.  When I saw Checkers’ (formerly known as Donny at PHS) picture on the website I knew that was the dog I had to meet.  When I arrived on a Friday afternoon to meet the handsome little man for the first time, it was love at first sight – and not only for me.  Checkers was so shy and quiet, and despite being in a kennel with several other hyper little dogs, he walked up to the front of the pack and put his paws up like he knew I was there to take him home.  After our initial meeting, it was official and Saturday morning my husband and I came to bring Checkers to his forever family.  Two years later, Checkers has blossomed into a sweet, but confident bundle of silliness.  He LOVES trips to the dog park (he’s made many friends), chasing squirrels all over the back yard (he runs out the back door even before he knows for sure if there is a squirrel or not – it’s so funny!), hiking in the Cupertino mountains and day trips to Santa Cruz, and flying to Chicago to visit family over the holidays – the great thing about being little is he gets to fly in the main cabin with us.  My parents call him their little grand-doggie!  Our family of five is finally complete and everyday we’re so thankful that he’s with us.  Thank you to all of the staff at PHS!

Erin W., Santa Clara

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Abby the wonder dogHi,

We just adopted a puppy from you guys and she is GREAT!! Everybody who meets her falls in love. She is adorable and so loving. We had her for about two weeks now, and she has had some health issues but she is perfectly healthy now. Our other dog that we got five years ago at the Humane Society, is usually terrible with other dogs. But she is great with Abby. My whole family loves to take her on walks, because of her eccentric personality. She is now about four months old, so she still does have puppy issues, but she is the calmest puppy I have ever met which is great for our home.
Puppy training has been going great! We are about to start her in puppy school, but so far she knows how to sit, and shake. Pretty impressive! She is not completely potty trained yet but we are sooo close! She also stays in her crate without barking or whining. We are having some troubles with chewing but we just ordered new chew toys. Thank you guys so much for helping us adopt this lovely puppy. She is a great addition to our family. THANK YOU!!

Lily P., Portola Valley

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KieraOur lovely Kiera. We have enjoyed her so very much!!




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MochaHi Friends of Mocha,

Where to start?... Mocha is awesome and continues to amaze me with her ability to adapt.  It’s safe to say, she’s loving life here.  She and her brother Skrappy enjoy a stress-free life of napping on the couch, laying in the sun by the pool,  barking at the pool sweep, chasing squirrels along the fence, going on walks through the vineyards and believe it or not, entertaining house guests including my two young nieces (ages 4 and 6.)  At first Mocha barked at anyone who came over and continued to bark anytime the distance between she and I became too great.  We don’t have a lot of people over but often family will come to swim and BBQ.  Now Mocha (and Skrappy too, thanks to Mocha) will bark initially, while wagging her tail I might add.  She calms down within 5-10 minutes and then she’s just fine hanging out with everyone.  Several people have commented how much better she is each time they come over.  My nieces know not to approach her and she’s beginning to come to them for treats and belly rubs-  so cute.

Mocha sleeps between my husband and I in our bed- no spoiling here!  I work from home so I’m around most of the work week.  On the weekends, we often leave for day long motorcycle rides.  She’s always happy to see us when we return but seems fine with our absence, something I attribute to her companionship with Skrappy.  She’s not anxious anymore.  Instead she acts like she owns the place.  And maybe she does. 

Training is going well on all fronts.  She is 100% house trained.  She’s sits patiently waiting for her food bowl to be set down and stays there until she’s given the OK to dig in.  During walks she sits on the curb before crossing the street.  She listens extremely well given her past experience.  She is the epitome of unconditional love and goodness.  We’re so fortunate to have her. Thanks everyone, for your compassion and commitment to animals.  God bless each of you.

Kind regards,
Susan J.

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Betty RoseHi!

I adopted Betty Rose a few months ago and I just wanted to let her PHS family know that she's doing great!  She's so sweet and well behaved, she's a total love bug!

Thanks again!

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MargotThank you PHS for helping my family and i adopt the perfect dog for our family, Margot.  On Mother's day 2011 my sister, and I learned that we were being surprised with a dog.  Our parents had told us we were not going to the shelter that day but, we could look on your website at the adoptable dogs.  Learning that your shelter was open we convinced our parents to take us to the shelter and let us just "look" at the dogs.  One of the first dogs we saw was just sitting right by the fence quiet and once you greeted her just wanted your attention.  When we went to meet her we could tell all she wanted was a walk and some love.  After our walk around the shelter we knew that this little fluffy white dog was our newest companion.  We knew that we had to take her home that day.  Now we can't imagine our life without Margot.  Margot loves to be walked and listens pretty well. Though she listens the best when you have a treat in your hands.  She's a little white ball of love and we couldn't  ask for a more perfect companion! Thank you again!
The Butlers, San Bruno

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BootsDear SPCA,

My boyfriend and I adopted Boots just about 2 months ago and I don’t know who is happier, her or us (it may just be about the same!)  I saw her first on-line, and was looking at her pictures and reading her profile thinking to myself “This would be the perfect cat!” – I couldn’t wait to rescue her.  I was so excited the night I adopted Boots, I couldn’t believe that the whole way home she didn’t meow or cry once.  She just sat there happily and curious on my front seat in her little carrier – checking everything out!  We got home, settled in – I was SO excited; decorating the house with cat goodies, beds, food dishes and toys!  By the second night – Boots completely made herself at home.  The best thing about Boots is I think she knows we saved her….she is the happiest little cat!  She sleeps with us every night, was trained since day one to use the litter box and knows not scratch our leather couches! =)  She has little “babies” and friends that she carries around with her in her mouth, throughout the house!  She brings one to bed with her every night.  You hear coming down the hallway “thump thump thump…rewo reow reow!!” and up she jumps with the “baby” (they’re all little stuffed animals, mice, monkeys…) in her mouth.  She set’s it down, needs and then cuddles up and falls asleep with it!  it’s the cutest thing in the world!  Although she is an in-door cat, she loves to sun bathe on our balcony – oh and she loves flirting with the crows and squirrels outside of our building!  Everyday my boyfriend and I text “man – I love Boots babe! She’s so good!”  We couldn’t be happier! =)
She’s the best new addition to our home I would confidently say – you can’t go wrong rescuing a cat or any animal!

Warm Regards,
Elyse E., San Mateo

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Flame and WilsonDear Peninsula Humane Society,

We adopted Flame (the yellow haired, blue eyed flame point cat) in May 2004.  On the very first night at her new home, she curled up under the covers with our daughter, put her head on the pillow and went to sleep – happy & content.  She’s such a gorgeous cat, friendly, talkative, persistent and loving!  Flame rules the household and is able to get whatever she wants with just one glance, a quick meow or a tap on the leg.  Flame is famous at her owner’s work - her screen saver is on the computer and everybody comments on what a beautiful & gorgeous cat she is.
Wilson Boy (the striped, brown tabby cat) was adopted on Mother’s Day, May 2008.  Originally very timid and shy, he has since busted out of his shell and is now confident, talkative, a bundle of energy, always eager to play with the fishing pole or his basket of cat toys.  He chases Flame and encourages her to tussle with him, loves to be brushed and insists on drinking from the faucet at least six times throughout the day.  He uses his big boy voice to let you know that he needs more food, wants a treat or it is time to play!  Wilson has become a lap cat and will sit on your lap while working at the computer for hours on end. Thank you, Peninsula Humane Society for these two beautiful & wonderful cats!  They are both so unique with diverse personalities and have learned to communicate effectively with their family.

Dan, Carol, Tiffany M., Belmont

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NeedlesNeedles (aka #502073) was a feral kitten I found shivering in the middle of my acupuncturist's parking lot (hence the name). His eyes were sealed shut with hardened conjunctivitis, he was skin and bones and completely terrified. We knew we couldn't treat Needles' medical condition, so we turned him over to the Peninsula Humane Society. Since it was after hours, one of their deputies came and picked Needles up. He was so kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable, I knew the little guy was in good hands. The vets and volunteers cared for Needles for 3 weeks while patiently dealing with me and my constant phone calls to check on Needles' health and progress.
When the behaviorist determined that Needles was too skittish to be easily adopted by the general public, we brought him home. (We kind of always knew we would.) Needles came into our lives just as we were reeling from the news that one of our still-young cats was dying of lung cancer and had only two months to live. Although, I knew we would eventually adopt another cat to give our other cat a companion, I never thought it would happen so soon. However, many friends pointed out, "Stephanie, that cat found YOU." It was hard to ignore.
The first day in his new place, I put up a photo on facebook captioned, "Behind the Toilet and Growling" -- which, incidentally is the name of Dave Matthews new album -- because that's all he did that first night. Growled and hissed and spit and made himself as small as possible. On the third day, Needles was purring and kneading my lap, nuzzling my neck, and licking canned food off a baby food spoon. On the fifth day, he's eviscerating cat toys and trying to attack my fingers as I type this.
Socializing a feral kitten is really not as hard as people might think. I'm astounded by how much progress he made in just a few days.
Needles was never aggressive, just very, very scared. He simply needed a little bit of patience and time to get acclimatized to us, but but now he's trusting and healthy and very intent on dismantling the bathroom (his safe room) every single night. And we couldn't be happier about that.
Thank you for saving Needles' life, Peninsula Humane Society. He is going to have a good life with us.
Photo by Sam Breach
Stephanie V.W. L, Menlo Park

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Brody and OliverHi, I'm Ollie (Ioleus at the shelter). I was brought to the shelter after being found wandering alone, cold and scared, in a field at six weeks old. I found my forever home in July 2011, and celebrated my first birthday in March 2012. My Mom says that I am a very sweet little guy, a bundle of energy, a snuggle bug and her little clown. She tells me I am very handsome guy in my shiny black coat, long legs, huge ears and round saucer shaped green eyes. She spoils me rotten. Last October, she went back to the shelter and brought home the perfect little brother for me, Brody (aka Gingery Bear). He's a feisty, very cute ginger kitty, who was also found roaming in a field alone and starving as a tiny kitten. He is a few months younger than I, but he's husky little fellow, affectionate and playful. We bonded immediately and love each other dearly. We are truly inseparable. We wrestle together, run, jump, climb, play tag and soccer and explore all day long.   After a nice gourmet dinner, when we are finally ready to rest, we fawn on our Mom.  We enjoy curling up on her lap, and then later on we snuggle up in her bed and purr the night away. She says we are the loves of her life and asks me to say thank you to everyone at the shelter for taking such good care of us and giving us a chance to find our forever home.
Maria R, Burlingame

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GrettaAlthough I had pet dogs all my life, at the age of 88 and confined to a wheelchair, I wasn't sure about getting another dog when Tigger died at the age of 14 last October. But my good friend and Peninsula Humane society volunteer Judy Richards convinced me to "just take a look" at some of the older dogs available for adoption. The first dog I met seemed afraid of the wheelchair so that wouldn't do. Then I met Gretta, who at the age of 10, one would imagine would be a sedate lady. I think she, as is the prerogative of ladies, may have lied about her actual birthday. She, despite her gray muzzle, was as lively as a puppy, crazy about squeaky toys, and within a minute of meeting her, I found myself saying, "That's the one." What a wonderful companion she has proven to be. As you can see from the photograph of us at the dog friendly patio of the Moss Beach Distillery, we two old girls have been having a great time together. Thanks to the Peninsula Humane Society for helping animals young and old.
Milly A., South San Francisco

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MagicI want to thank PHS for your policy on not euthanizing any adoptable pet, even challenging and hard to place animals. In May 2009 I was looking through your list of adoptable dogs when I came across "Millie."  She was roughly 10-12 years old and, because no one wanted an older dog, she had been at PHS for several months.  My daughter and I came to see her with the understanding we would not be taking her home that day, but would sleep on it.  In the morning my daughter opened her eyes and simply said "Yes."  We decided to take her, and within an hour we couldn't imagine life without her.  She bonded instantly.  On the way back from her first walk, my daughter saw a beautiful blue pebble.
She was sure it had not been there on the way out, and believed Millie was a magic fairy dog who left it to thank us for adopting her.  We changed her name to Magic, but she never responded when we called her by either name.  As it turned out, she was completely deaf!  We could blow a whistle right over her head without response. She figured out our routine quickly, and her lack of hearing didn't matter at all.  When she smelled toothpaste in the morning, she went to the front door because it was time to leave.  When she smelled it in the evening, she went to her bed in the bedroom (she had a little bed in every room and just moved from one to the other).  She certainly never missed a meal.  When we needed her attention we would blow in her direction or flick the lights off and on.
We tried to teach her to play with her toys, but she just liked to carry them around.  She limped and coughed a lot, and on X-ray we learned she had a narrow airway and an old spinal injury.  Valiant efforts on the part of our vet kept her as comfortable as possible.  As it got harder for her to get around we got her a special  stroller just for dogs, which she loved.  She was rarely more than three feet away from me for the next three years.  She passed away in my arms.
When people learned her name was Magic they would often ask if she really was magic.  The answer was an emphatic yes!  No one could ever look at Magic without smiling.  She had a quirky funny expression all the time, and she cheered everyone who crossed her path. This Christmas photo is of her smiling.  She really was a Magic little dog!  Thank you for giving her a chance to bring joy to our family and all who met her.
Lynn P.

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BuddyHappy New Year to all of the hard working and wonderful humane society staff! We want to share our adoption story with you. We adopted an amazing 3 month old kitten from your facility approximately 2 months ago. His name is Buddy, and he immediately became the spoiled baby of our house. Buddy fills our home with lots of love and laughter. Due to a previous eye infection Buddy can only see with his left eye, but believe me that does not slow him down one bit, he is very energetic and gets into any and everything you can think of, including our Christmas tree as you can see in the picture! When he is not busy playing around and exploring his surroundings he loves to snuggle up with us and take naps in our arms.
Before Buddy came along, we didn't know how affectionate and loving cats can be. He is quite a character with an amazing personality. Sadly, Buddy was found at 1 month old as a stray cat, but we are happy to report that he has now become the king of his castle. We love him so much and he has made a big impact in our hearts and lives. To the humane society we want to say: thank you so much for your efforts and most of all for bringing this special little guy into our lives. We appreciate your hard work and will continue to recommend adoption to all of our friends and family. We are considering adopting a companion for Buddy, so we will definately be seeing you soon! We urge anyone looking for a cat, dog, rabbit, etc, to please consider adoption from the humane society first, we can tell you from first hand experience you cannot go wrong!
 The Zimiga Family

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NalaMy husband and I adopted our precious Nala (formerly named Ha-Gaw) almost 3 years ago. We instantly fell in love with her sweet personality and non-stop purring from the moment we met her. She is the most adorable little bundle of fur we could have asked for! She loves to play (especially fetch) but not as much as she loves to cuddle. We are so lucky! Nala is a total sweetheart and we love her dearly. She also happens to be the most loved and spoiled little kitty we know. We just couldn't imagine our lives without her! Thank you SPCA for matching us with our perfect kitty! We included a picture of her then and now so you can see you much our girl has grown!
Many thanks,
Diana and Tim B., San Mateo

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Mrs THi,

Thanks again for letting me adopt Mrs T back in October, she has been such a delight to have around and she has been doing really well. As you can see she has been enjoying Christmas :) She is very healthy and happy and being very spoiled!
Jill M., San Mateo

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LBDear Staff:

It's been seven months since we brought LB (aka Elmo) home with us. He's brought us great joy. He loves chasing the ducks and squirrels at our home in Woodlake. But what really brings smiles to us and our neighbors is the way he stirs up the Canadian geese that plague our lawns and walkways. LB is a good little boy. He's loving, and playful and when he wants to be well behaved ;-) . He loves his walks to Burlingame Ave with his two Dads. Every night around 6 pm when I get home from work he is waiting at the door for me and greets me with the enthusiasm of a puppy. It warms my heart. Thank you for rescuing him off the streets and letting us give him a loving home. He completes our little family and we can't imagine life without him.
Patrick C.

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We picked up Rio (dog on left) June 21st, this year after we had one of our dogs cremated (she’d passed away at 13 yrs on the drive).  We were visiting local family after traveling out from our home near Colorado Springs.  Rio’s previous family was kind enough to include a letter to us in the adoption papers.  It was very obvious that Rio was well loved but that his owners had too small of a home for him.
Rio has adjusted fantastically and he, with his sister (dog on right) Sanuk do everything together.  I hope you will post the attached letter and picture and, if you can, share this information with his previous owners.

Jeff and Kathy B., Peyton, CO

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MickeyWe've had Mickey (aka Mikey) for a month now, and we're all smitten with our little doggie. He's a good hiking companion but also a snuggly lap puppy. He likes to play fetch in our backyard and visit dog parks, where he can be the life of the party. He and his teenage human brother play a lot of tug of war and chase. It's easy to take him on walks because he's polite when he meets people and dogs. He's also friendly to visitors, though he barks when new people come to the door, which isn't a bad thing. Thanks to the trainers in the TAILS program for taking such good care of him and teaching him good manners.

Mandy, San Mateo

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My family and I adopted Brutus earlier this week. We have all fallen in love with him. So have our friends. He was such a good boy on the ride home from Burlingame to Scotts Valley and is getting used to having his own special spot to sit in when he's in the car with me. He went to my daughter's tennis match, to work to meet all my employees and the people we serve, and out and about our town.  Today he got to go on a hike with me in the Henry Cowell Redwoods which he loved and he has been on a few jogs with my husband.  He is eating and going potty and sleeping just like he should. We are so happy to have found him and made him part of our family and we think he is happy too! Thank you for taking such good care of him while he was with you and for advertising him on your website.  People are amazed when I tell them where I got him because he is in such good condition.
Thank you again!
The Merson Family

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Eddie skunkedI adopted Eddie, the Jack Russell/pit bull guy a while ago.  I just wanted to let you know how great he is doing. He is one lucky dog and I don’t think he would have made it in any other environment.  Thank goodness he totally respects the Invisible Fence…when wearing the collar he has a couple of secure acres to explore. I am definitely his “human”. He is a perfect gentleman with the cats…he has had a skunk encounter, ditto for a raccoon, and has been stepped on by a horse. I think he “gets” horses now. He is a loving, gentle soul, really, not the maniac I saw at the shelter. He just needed a chance.  When I take him in the hills with the horses off leash he still goes deaf and wanders off to explore on his own, but he comes home when his curiosity is satisfied. I am not thrilled with this, but I think the more he “claims” the ranch as his, he will stick with the horse and me. He followed me on the tractor all day yesterday. Anyway, that is it. Just wanted to let you know Eddie has a home for life.


5 months in the home (adoption in March)

I just had to e-mail you this photo of the Eddie, the Wonder dog. He is just the best dog on the planet. He is constantly busy doing his doggie ranch rounds. He has learned to trust and is just the most loving, not at all needy and not at all hyperactive dude around. I just love him. This photo was taken last Friday…I had a huge party and everybody brought their dogs. He was in heaven. Thank you so much for Eddie and for the good work you do at the Peninsula Humane Society!

Cricket and GrouchoCricket's doing well since we adopted her last month.  Grouchy loves her!!!  He's happier with her around and they play a lot.  She has really gotten a lot more confident and playful the last couple weeks.  Groucho is very gentle with her, and in fact we think that she may end up being the alpha cat of the house even though she is smaller and younger.  Thank you for introducing her.

I've attached some pics of the two cats together.  The ones of Groucho crowding into the small cat bed with Cricket are hilarious.  That bed is barely big enough for one cat, let alone two.

Thanks again,
David and Laura

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JulianHello again,

We have relocated to a different climatic place - it's hot, hot, hot. However, Julian doesn't mind, as long as he's with us. He has aged, got a bit bigger (fatter). Still loves going shopping (not the doctor's office), jogging, saying hello to pretty ladies (humans). We love each other very very much. Hope he will have a very long happy life with us together.

Lum family, Las Vegas

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Heidi And TimmyI actually have two success stories, Heidi adopted just over a year ago by my older sister is happily living here. In the shelter, she was a timid little girl with a lot of tongue action. Once we brought her home to our large family, she flourished well and her tongue works harder if that is even possible. She was scared and had barely any manners when we adopted her, after having been found on the street. Now, she knows her basics: sit, stay and heel. I've got some pictures of her. She also learned to live with a hectic household, two cats, and a toddler who loves to cuddle her to death. She's a lap dog more than anything, sweet as pie, but she is also a fantastic guard dog who alerts us if ANYONE, and I do mean even our neighbors walks by our house.

There's also Timmy, formally known as Peter, who I adopted in October as part of the Giants Promotion. I named him after Lincecum, and he has lived up to that name well. Timmy watched the entire world series with us and enjoyed it. At the shelter, we couldn't even pick him up with out him running away but we saw promise in the fact that he played with anything that moved. As soon as we brought him home he was running circles around the house exploring and when he found out that the entire bottom floor of our house (it's entirely a garage) was for him and our other cat Midnight to explore, he had a field day. The two cats got along well, though being an older cat and a female Midnight sometimes tires of his endless energy. Still, they tolerate each other and learned to share food and a litter box in a matter of two months! He's the sweetest cat you've ever met, with a meow like he's roaring and a purr like a lion. He constantly loves to press his cold little nose in your face to wake you up and cuddle in your lap. I've also attached some pictures of him. He went from shy, skiddish Peter, to outgoing and in your face Timmy in four months

Koreena W.

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Happy anniversary, Milo!


Pamela K., San Mateo

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VinnyI have been meaning to write about the wonderful addition to our family - Vinny (formerly Snow). The minute I saw Vinny on that rainy Sunday afternoon in October 2009, he stole my heart! When he first came home with us he was a bit timid and scared but as he got to know us and our other dog Mr. Big, his larger-than-life personality started to shine through. Now, him and Mr. Big are like two peas in a pod and Vinny just lights up our lives. Coming home and seeing their two smiling faces as they jump on me makes all my worries just melt away. Thank you PHS/SPCA for showing us Vinny and making the adoption process so positive!
Angela S., Foster City

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Hello! Just wanted to share my happy story as you guys have given me such an amazing addition to my life. (attached is a picture of him). I adopted my chihuahua mix at 8 weeks old from the Peninsula Humane Society. Formally named Bobby, he was there with his brother at only three pounds. After playing with him I could not leave without him. The adoption process was easy and very helpful and I was so excited to bring home my baby Cargo! That was June 2010. Nine months later here I am typing this story sitting beside my almost grown up puppy. Cargo has been nothing but a complete joy to my life and to the ones I bring him into. He is known for having the tail that never stops wagging and constantly wanting to be around the excitement. Cargo is truly a happy dog getting to play with my parents golden retriever and chihuahua and my roommate's cat. And even at the end of the day, he knows how to cuddle better than any dog (or human for that matter) that I know! So thank you all so much for saving and taking care of my little one so that he could come into my life. 
Lexi A.
PS If you haven't already, please use the $80 puppy training fee as a donation as I took him to a school somewhere else.

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Fred and George

We adopted George as a puppy and Fred when he was five. They are the sweetest, little boys ever!!!!!! The love they give has filled our home with happiness.

The Zertuche Brothers

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KonaHi, just wanted to check in to say thanks and to let you know that Kona is doing very well in her new home. When we got her home she was pretty shy for a couple of days but with enough snuggles under the chin she would come out from under the bed. She is a fool for love.

She was also a bit out of shape and could barely climb up onto a chair. Now she is running around and can easily jump into the chair. Next goal is an easy leap to the bed.

Thanks again,

Eva F. & Kona, San Leandro

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Kala Bean

We adopted little Rodina the "rottweiler tri-color mix" in March 2009.

She was described as confident, curious, outgoing and playful - she maintains these traits to this day. It's clear she was handled very well during her stay at SPCA, as she meets new people and new dogs very well. We often joke she went to puppy charm school - She's even winning over our cynical little cat, slowly but surely.

We took 3 classes with SPCA including puppy socialization and two obedience classes. We now spend several days a week out doors with Kala Bean off-leash at Funston, Crissy Field or various hiking trails around the bay area. The techniques we learned have been invaluable. Thanks to some hard work and the SPCA training instructors, we receive compliments all the time on the great behavior of our dog - even from other dog trainers!!

We keep her SPCA profile, with the photo of her as a tiny puppy, on our fridge - it's hard to believe our 55 lb bundle was ever so small. (SPCA was even accurate in estimating her future size!) Kala Bean is an amazing d­og - everyone adores her wherever we go, and I can't help but think she must have received such good love and care for her first 3 mos of life with you. Thank you so very much for rescuing this little pup and giving her such a great beginning. I'm so glad you recommended her for a match w/ us - we can't imagine our life without her now.

Thank you so very much,
Caitlin and Brett G., San Francisco
Kala Bean (aka Rodina) & even Mars the Cat

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Two years ago, my boyfriend and I adopted the sweetest chihuahua-terrier mix from your facility, Lando.  I saw his video on YouTube and had to go meet him the same day. I visited him the next two evenings, and then on the fourth morning, I left work at noon to pick him up as soon as you opened.  We have been best friends ever since.  

Lando's favorite things to do are run on the beach, gnaw on huge beef bones, and go to the annual bring-your-dog-to-the-A's game event. After five years in the Bay Area, we are moving, and Lando is a little bit nervous but mostly excited for his next adventure. Adopting Lando inspired me to volunteer for San Francisco Animal Care & Control, and I plan to continue volunteering for and with animals after we move.  

Thank you for all that you've done for Lando and the other displaced animals in San Mateo County!

Cristina C. and Paco F. 

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NaniWe just adopted Nani (on the left) to be best friends with our other dog Kaeli, and they are! From the moment we brought her home the both have be playing and going for walks together. Nani has been a great addition to our family. She is smart, loving and a good friend to everyone. We are so happy we made the right choice to adopt. We had the most positive experience at the San Mateo SPCA. Mahalo to all of you that dedicate you time and effort!

Jeanne R., Steve M., Kaeli and Nani, Emerald Hills

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GrouchoHappy Holidays, Peninsula Humane Society!! I just wanted to share with you how well our recent adoption of Groucho has been going. We adopted him a couple of days before Thanksgiving. When we first met him, he was really affectionate and kept head-butting us, which we took as a good sign. As soon as we brought him home, he seemed to adapt very quickly. He used his litter box right away (he's very meticulous with his box) and seemed to make himself at home. It was our first cat (and pet) so we were a bit nervous at first. Since we adopted him a month ago though, we can't imagine our life without him. He loves to be near us and loves to snuggle. People kept telling us how indifferent cats can be, but Groucho is more like a cat who thinks he's a dog. He's curious, intelligent, and sometimes a little stubborn, but overall a wonderful, loving cat. We would highly recommend adopting an older cat if it's your first time as a pet owner. Groucho will be 5 years old in February and although he's referred to as an "older" cat, he loves to play and chase anything that moves. Considering how long cats currently live, we think of him more as a well-trained "young" adult.
The attached photo was literally taken the day after we got him. As you can see, Groucho is making himself at home on my husband's lap. We call it the "Superman" since he's stretching out with both paws. We adore him. And he knows it! Thanks to everyone at the PHS for helping us to make a well-informed decision with our adoption. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,
Laura and David K., San Mateo

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My boyfriend and I adopted this cutie (picture attached) in August of 2010 from your shelter. We have since changed his name from Ziggy to Indy (short for Indiana Jones) and it really suits him! Indy is full of energy and very curious. He loves riding in the car, playing at the beach and going on hikes. We're hoping to take him camping this summer and to the snow sometime soon. Watching him explore and enjoy new experiences brings us so much joy!

When we first adopted Indy, we were told that he didn't get along with other dogs. This turned out to be very true - but he has come a long way in just a few short months. He still isn't quite ready for the dog park but he's gotten much better on his walks. The first two weeks were very challenging as we all adjusted to each other, but both of us are so happy that we stuck it out. We now cannot imagine our lives without Indy. I get emotional just talking about him!

I encourage everyone I talk to to adopt from a shelter. Some of the dogs may be a little "rough around the edges" but helping them to reach their full potential and giving them a loving home is the most rewarding experience I've ever had. Indy has blossomed into a silly, cuddly, sweet little guy and we love every minute we get to spend with him. Indy has changed our lives for the better and we absolutely love him!

Thank you for giving us this wonderful gift!

Happy New Year,
Jaclyn R. and Brian W. San Francisco, CA

P.S. I've also included this year's Christmas photo. Indy looked so handsome in his sweater!

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MarshyOne year ago, we received the most amazing blessing in the world...our sweet Marshy (formerly Abby) came home with us! During the first few weeks, she was scared and sad. However, after giving her plenty of TLC, she quickly warmed up to us.

We seriously can't believe how lucky we are! Marshy has brought so much joy to our lives, and now our family is complete! She is the sweetest, most loving girl...and she makes us laugh every single day.

Although she still has separation anxiety, perhaps because she was given up by her previous owners, we are completely dedicated to helping her get better. We love her with all of our hearts, and it is so wonderful to be celebrating our 1 year adoption anniversary with her (December 24, 2010).

Thank you, PHS, for all the wonderful work that you do and most importantly, for connecting us with our dear Marshy!

Tammi, Alex & Marshy T., Belmont

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LolaAfter losing our beloved cat to heart failure, my husband and I decided that the void needed to be filled.  On December 4th, we found 3 years old Gaga and we knew instantly, that she was going home with us that afternoon.

Gaga, who has been renamed "Lola", has filled every corner of our house with curiosity, love, playfulness, and above all happiness once again.  She makes us laugh when she races around the house chasing string or when she sits in front of us and gives us a bossy, kitty lecture. She loves to talk!!! She also likes to play the keyboards and we have already recorded what could become a number 1 hit!  Maybe that is why she was named Gaga?

We adore Lola and would like to thank the Peninsula Humane Society for giving us such an adorable, little friend for 2011 and beyond.

Jane and Stephen S., San Francisco

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SkittlesHi there! My name is Skittles, and I was adopted on September 18, 2010. I really love my new home and I can tell my people love me too! My favorite toys are my mouse teaser toy and my crinkle ball. I also like to join my people in the bathroom, where I like to lay down on the heated floor...another warm place I like to nap is on the ottoman by the fire. Cozy! But I can nap pretty much anywhere, on my person's lap, on the couch, on a bed, on a pillow...I hope that all my pals back at the shelter get adopted soon!

-Skittles and her person Emma J., Redwood City

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King James

We brought Spock home on a Friday and renamed him King.  We loved him instantly, but our home situation didn't work out and it broke my heart when I made the call - we were going to have to return him.  I put it off as long as I could, made the call around 3pm and had to leave a message.  As we were getting ready to go, Mom said to wait, she knew someone who might take him.  She called our Pastor and his wife.  They said they'd be here in about 30 minutes.

They lost Cooper, their beloved pit bull, about 3-4 months ago.  We introduced them to King and there was no question - he was going to his forever home.  We made sure that they got as much info about King and his breed as they could absorb, reading material, etc.  As they all got acquainted, Ann and I quietly talked.  She told me that she cried for 3 weeks at their loss, looked for someone to fill the void but couldn't find anyone.  Finally, she told everyone that she was tired of looking and if anything was meant to be, God would bring them into her life.

There's no doubt in my mind that it was Divine Intervention.  I was a little bit worried, but King looked content and relaxed in her arms.  It's only been a few days but King is right at home in his new Castle and we get to visit anytime!  He's exactly where he needs to be.  I can't wait to send more pictures.


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RudyHello! I just wanted to email you and share the story of the dog we adopted through your facility this summer. His name was Drew and since we've named him Rudy. He is the sweetest little boy and all he wants to do is be in our laps and be around us. He is such a happy little guy and my husband and I call him our little break-dancer. He is always hopping around and will spin around on his back. He's absolutely adorable and we love him very much. He has two sisters that are also rescued. I've attached a picture of the three of them in their beds. This was taken the first day we brought him home. He followed their ques immediately. When they slept, he did - when they ate, he did. It's really cute. The biggest dog is Molly, she's a 13 year old pit-bull/boxer mix. Rudy likes to sleep in her bed with her at night. The other dog is Taco, she's an 11 year old chihuahua/pekingese mix. They like to run around and play with each other in the back yard.
We are so happy with our new little family member and just wanted to share his story with you all. Your facility and staff are all so great. Thank you for all your help and support with the adoption. 

Maureen and Josh K., San Mateo

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AnnieI adopted 3 yr old Demi (now named Annie after our wonderful vet) on September 12, 2010 and wanted to let you know what a gift she is to us! I came to PHS looking for a companion for my 5 yr old cat Domino, also adopted from PHS 5 years ago, after we lost our 17 yr old cat from congestive heart failure and diabetes.

From the very first night Annie was home, she slept next to my pillow and purred me to sleep. She is sweet, loving, gentle, and plays like crazy! The volunteers documented that she was shy, aloof and didn't play, but since being home I can't move a toy without her trying to snag it from me. She constantly makes me laugh, she is so energetic throwing her toys in the air and jumping to catch them. She and Domino have begun to chase each other and both sleep on the bed with me; I think they will become great friends.

I cannot say enough about this shy little girl who sat in the back of the cage and now has blossomed into such an energetic, sweet and funny addition to our family!

I hope that others who are looking to adopt understand that some animals need to warm up a bit, and that when given a chance even the shy ones come out of their shell once they have a forever home.
 I am grateful to PHS staff for giving Annie such wonderful care and for giving her a chance even when you are pushed to capacity, you guys are heros for what you do for the animals. I want to give a big hug to Mariela Navarrette! She brought Annie into the visitation room and listened to what my needs were considering I already had Domino. She explained how to introduce Annie and Domino and she was right, by doing it the right way we have never had a problem.  
Annie has won my heart and Domino's too!

Take care,
Stephanie P. Belmont

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ThetaHi everyone,

I wanted to share a picture of Theta.  I first met Theta while volunteering at PHS.  She quickly became one of my favorites.  My parents were kind enough to adopt her in March 2010.  She has made a wonderful addition to my parent’s lives.  She is now living the good dad takes her to the park daily and my mom gives her chicken daily!  We want to thank everyone who took part in Theta’s care during the many months she spent at the shelter.  

Teresa M., Daly City

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TessaWe wanted to thank you everyone at the "Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA" that Tessa is awesome!!!  We thank you very much for taking care of her and treating her so well.  We took her home Saturday Sept. 11th and she fit right in.  She played the entire day.  We didn't think she was ever going to get tired.  She is so loving and I know she gets that from your staff.  We wanted to thank all of you expecially Anika, and Tessa's Foster Dad, Adam for taking such great care for her.  She makes me happy everytime I think about her.  Here is a few photos of her in her new back yard.

Thank you,

Adam, Irma, and Eric H.

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BlazeHello there,

I adopted my pooch about 4 months ago. His name is Blaze and he is a one year old Shepherd Mix. This was the BEST choice I have ever made! I had been looking for the right dog for me for a while. When I saw his picture on the website I instantly knew I had to adopt him. We went through training classes and he still needs a lot of work but he is the best thing to happen to me. I don't have any children except for him! He is a loving, sweet, energetic, beautiful pup that is such a joy to have in my life.

I work during the day so he has access to the yard as well as the house. As soon as I pull up after work I hear his collar jingle and then he pops up at the front window. He greets me with tons of kisses! We spend our nights playing fetch at different fields such as Frontierland Park, Oddsted and Terra Nova. Although we go one tons of walks they are not enough exercise for him...he needs to run! When I first adopted him the SPCA told me he didn't get a long with other dogs. Well, come to find out he LOVES other dogs! We go to the dog park on the weekends and he has a blast! We went to the lake this weekend and he had his first swimming experience (with me anyways). It was great.

I want to say thank you to all of you workers and volunteers at Peninsula Humane Society. My baby probably would not be alive today if it was not for you guys. Thank you also, to the great foster parents that take in these animals and care for them while they are finding new homes. I could not ask for anything better! Thank you again.

Kate K., Pacifica
P.S. Here is a picture of Blaze, being spoiled, taking a snooze on my bed

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Tiger Jaguar TeslaHi,

We adopted three kittens a year ago - the two black kittens were named Blue and Purple. We can't remember the name of the other kitten who was a little puff ball. Here is our story -and a few pictures: My three sons and I visited the shelter many times and came back to adopt 2 black kittens who were siblings. We looked at them in particular because they had these amazing green/grey eyes. We played with three pairs of kittens in the "get to know you" room. One pair chased each other around the room and then would turn around and chase each other the other way. That pair was Blue and Purple. My oldest son insisted on adopting this little puff ball who talked to us the minute we went into the room. I balked at adopting three kittens - that was crazy - adopting two was already pushing it! I called my husband to get his opinion (because he is allergic to cats) and he said three isn't that much worse than two... so we adopted all three of them. We were allowed to take the puff ball home immediately that Saturday and had to wait to pick the other two up on Monday after neutering surgery.

We named the puff ball (who was a Maine Coon with an M on his forehead), Tiger. He was very affectionate and only a little bit exploratory in the bathroom we had confined him to for the first night.  Little by little he explored out of the bathroom and into the kitchen/living room where we had the food, litter box and kitty kondo. By Monday afternoon when we brought the black kittens home, Tiger thought the place was his own and only his own and acted like it - hogging the food. He definitely staked out his territory when the other two started exploring. It took maybe two or three days before the two black kittens were comfortable enough to chase each other around and under the couch. And then they would reverse the chasing just as they had when we first met them.

In the end, we named them after cars: Jaguar, the skinny long black cat, Tesla, the squat sway back black cat, and Tiger, the Main Coon (and he is sometimes known as Fat Cat because his fluffy fur makes him look twice as big as the other two cats).

Now it's been a year and it has been awesome having three snuggle bunnies! They are indoor/outdoor cats and love sleeping on the boys' beds. They love climbing on our play structure - they even go down the slide (on their own)! The three cats used to sleep together when they fit on a chair or on the top level of the kitty kondo together but now they are too big to all fit. So, they sleep on one of the beds together.

I wish everyone would consider adopting a black cat, or two - they are definitely good luck for us! Thank you!

Sonya S., San Carlos

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FlorWe adopted Flor back in December 2009 and already cannot imagine life without her.  I've spent a lot of time working with her on her nervous behavior and she has really blossomed into a fantastic little dog.  She knows all of her basic obedience commands (but chooses to ignore "come" a little too often for my taste...she'd rather explore the yard a bit more), and has settled into a great routine with us.  She gets along with our 18 year old 3-legged cat, but truth be told, I think she wishes he would play with her more!  She loves chasing her ball around the yard, rolling in the grass, laying in the sun, playing tug-of-war with her rope toy, going to the dog park and for car rides, and is a wonderful cuddle partner under her blanket on the couch.  She is truly a joy to have around, and while I know shelter life can be tough, I am so very thankful to the staff and volunteers that worked to keep her comfortable and happy during her 3-month stay at PHS!

Jen & Craig M., South San Francisco

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This e-mail is a long time coming, but better late than never right? I adopted Pepper (previously known as Serena #A462371)  a 7 1/2 year old German Shepherd in December of 2009. My boyfriend and I were nervous to adopt her because she had had mammary gland tumors that were recently removed, but she seemed like such a sweet well behaved dog and my heart went out to her. She immediately took to us when we got home, but her true personality came out a few months later. She LOVES water and squeaky toys!! She's eight years old now, but you would think she's only 18 months old the way she bounces around when you bring out her leash or a squeaky toy. We love watching her play and spoil her rotten! She is a big "dog bed'"potato and has too many toys now and even her own kiddie pool to lay in on the hot days! You can't see the water in the attached picture because we only fill it up a couple of inches so she can lay in it and cool off. But she loves her pool! And any other body of water for that matter (minus bath time of course)! She loves to run and chomp at the waves at the lakes and beaches we take her to. She's also so good natured that we can take her out to eat and she'll lay by us calmly at the outside dining tables.

I am very thankful to you guys for taking her in when she was a stray, giving her the necessary surgery she needed, and allowing me to talk directly to the vet about her surgery and health. She is a spry girl loving life and we love having her in ours!

Rebecca T. and Charlie T., San Jose

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We adopted Cara (now re-named Kira) about 3 months ago and she is the best dog, and we are so happy to have her! We are so very thankful to all the staff and Cole, Kira’s foster dad for taking such wonderful care of her for the past 2 ½ years before we got her.

I am so amazed that nobody wanted her sooner and I guess she was just waiting for us to come and get her to take her home! She gets along wonderfully with our 2 kitties and gets along great with the dogs at the doggie day care her dad works at. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.


Elise & Adam V., Santa Clara

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CricketDear PHS staff,

We recently adopted Jetty Bits, now Cricket, and could not be happier. We are so thankful to her foster mom, Olivia, and all the shelter staff for taking such wonderful care of her while she awaited her forever home. She is a joy to have in our home, well behaved and a wonderful companion. She keeps me smiling and laughing and never leaves my side. We're still working on kitty introductions, but I know that eventually they'll all be great friends (or, at the very least, civil housemates!). Thank you for all the hard work you do on behalf of our furry friends.


Ellen and Matt D., Santa Rosa

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Coco and BellaWe adopted Coco, our Dilute Tortie from the Peninsula Humane Society one year ago.  She’s been a wonderful cat and we were very impressed with all the care and medical attention that she was given at the shelter.  On a whim, we recently adopted Bella, our grey tabby.  We were a little concerned about how the two would get along.  After the initial 3 days, they have become inseparable.  Coco already had a good life with her human companions, but now her life is even richer with another cat to bond and play with.  Our 6 year old daughter, Ava loves being a big sister to the cats.  We are thrilled to have such sweet cats that have added so much to our lives.  We appreciate all that the Humane Society has done for them and so many other animals.

Caryn and John, Burlingame

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We would like to share with you these pictures of Lucas who has been a wonderful addition to our family! He fits in perfectly and has been very well behaved. We love him so much! Thank You for helping us find Lucas. His name at the SPCA was "Mr. Smithers". His card said he was a "Terrier Mix". DNA tests show that he is 50% Chihuahua and 50% Shihtzu! He is adorable and we love him so much!
Carol K.

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MaxThis letter is well overdue. My name is Max. I was left tied to a pole for a week by a previous owner.  I was shy, timid and scared of everything. I am writing to you today to tell you how wonderful my life is and how lucky I am to have been adopted by my new family.  They took me to dog training classes here at the SPCA so I could learn new tricks.  It was so much fun that my best friend (Bob my owner) and I are still taking classes.  Only now we are taking agility classes. We get to run through hoops and climb things. I have a wonderful home, a new Mom, Karen, and three adult sisters who all love me more than I could possibly dream of. I feel like I am in heaven. I am not left alone anymore; my new family takes me with them everywhere.  I think I have changed their lives to the better and have brought with me an abundance of love and I know for sure they have changed mine. I am one LUCKY DOG.

Max (Max lives with Karen and Bob M.), Hillsborough

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Brandy and Lucy"The Girls" adopted me in January of 2006. Within minutes of hopping out of their carrier they were curled up on my lap sound asleep. I really enjoying having a "bonded pair" of kitties as part of the family. It's a lot of fun watching them do everything together and they have even started including me in their antics. They are sweet silly little girls who at 5 years old still act like kittens (and they love to have their picture taken too).  I feel truly lucky to have found them and appreciate all that you do for the animals in our community.  

With Much Appreciation,
Brandy, Lucy and their human Nicole, Daly City

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TzipaIt’s been a year since I adopted Tzipa aka Leilani, my adorable and bouncy min pin. She is sweet, cuddly and super protective. She barks at anyone and anything just to warn them that she means business. She chases anything that’s small and moves, eats smelly things that she digs up while I am not looking, and she loves long walks. Her favorite activity besides eating and sleeping is sun bathing. She can sun bathe all day. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Inside she plays with her toys; she is the princess of toys, guards her bones and hoards anything she can under my bed. She’s quite funny, especially when she lifts her butt in the air and wiggles her tiny wager (tail) in excitement. She moved to Southern California and went on her first airplane ride! While on board, she behaved like an experienced jet setter! I couldn’t ask for a better dog! Anyone that is contemplating adoption, please do! These pets are amazing companions, and having more than one owner, only makes them more loyal to you! Pets that are given away have a certain wisdom, loyalty and thankfulness toward their new owner that can warm any heart! Thank you SPCA for protecting and caring for these dogs while they are in transition to their new homes!

Ariella, Los Angeles

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Ozwaldwe recently got diamond about two weeks ago which we changed his name to ozwald, and we cant be any happier he is so loving and is great with my ten year old cat they already are playing together and he is pretty much house trained which i think is amazing since we have only had him for less than two weeks, he loves to cuddle and roll around in the grass, he truly is a very smart and wonderful dog thank you so much for letting us take him home

Ryan and Nicole, Davis

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LokiWithin a day it seemed like our cat Loki had always been in our home. He is affectionate, playful, and silly and couldn't have been a more perfect cat for us. When he isn't playing all he wants to do is cuddle, and he keeps us laughing with his very un-feline lack of grace when he tackles his toys. Thank you for rescuing this little guy so we could have him!

Dave and Tiffany, Burlingame

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DoileyDear PHS staff:

I just wanted to express how grateful I am to you for the care you provided to the newest addition to our family, during his stay at the Peninsula Humane Society. We adopted Turnip (Now named Doiley) about a month ago, and don't know how we ever got by without him! As i'm writing this letter he's on my lap showering me with kisses. We initially came in with the intention of a big dog, but the second I laid eyes on Doiley he chose me! He's so affection and friendly that he brings a smile to the face of every new person he meets! When he's not being showered with attention he enjoys laying in my bed (even though he has four of his own), going to the dog park, basking in the sun, scavenging for treats, or playing with his housemates Sweetie the chihuahua, and Mia the cat. Thank You so much! PS: enclosed are two pictures of Doiley to show you how he's doing in his new home!

The Perucho Family, San Bruno

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Billie GirlHello,

After seeing Happy Tails on your website (which I LOVE), I thought I would send a note about Billie Girl, who we adopted from PHS January 2002.  Ever since she came home with us she has been the center of our attention and we couldn't imagine our lives without her!  She has so much love to give and we can't help but spoil her so!  She is very spunky and loves everyone (and everyone loves her!). We are glad we went to PHS on a whim that day because we saw her and instantly fell in love - it was meant to be.....eight years later she's still as spunky and happy as can be.  Thank you so much!!!  Oh, my husband and I vow to only adopt dogs from shelters ever since Billie Girl - the greatest gift of all!!!

Thanks again,
Tracy and Craig H.

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MikeyI wanted to send a follow up about Mikey (we kept the same name), who we adopted from Peninsula Humane just before Christmas 2009. Mikey is a fabulous dog who has fit into our household perfectly. When we adopted Mikey he was a very shy, timid guy who went everywhere with his tail between his legs. He was afraid to go most places or visit people or dogs, although we did get a quick tail wag when he first came home (I think he knew he had a forever home)!  It took many walks before his tail started to relax, or even wag when we were out. We also took him to obedience class, and saw first hand how you can indeed teach a senior dog new tricks! He is an absolute pro at "leave it" now. After a few weeks Mikey was excellent and confident on leash, and eventually even off leash - it didn't take too much work to teach him to come when he's called, and is perfectly behaved with all the dogs he meets and seems to always steer clear of the agressive ones. Now he even approaches their humans for a pat on the head, and wins them all over with his sweet temperment. And he has only barked three times - a very quiet fellow too. 

We weren't sure how Mikey would do with cats, but he has been fine right from day one with our cat Kid. She quickly trained him that she's in charge, and he's okay with that. There's no stress at all between the two, and Kid seems to be happy with a more eventful household and sleeps a little bit less (maybe 23 hours a day reduced to 22 hours). Lately they're even greeting us together at the door when we get home from work, and will sleep with only a few feet between them.

Mikey has truly changed our lives. He has brought so much love into the household in such a short amount of time - I couldn't imagine watching TV without him sprawled across my legs or his head in my lap. I never thought I'd become a morning person, but I actually enjoy getting up at 6:30 am for our daily journey down to the beach. I've even started jogging every evening thanks to Mikey, who runs right by my side! We want to thank you so much for helping us adopt this guy, and hope that others will consider older, shy dogs too - this one is the perfect companion.  Thanks again!

Jen and Peter - San Francisco, CA

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ChewyI have always been a huge animal lover. So it was not surprising that we had dogs, frogs, birds, & everything else, but I had always wanted "a little kitty of my own."  It took a while, but 4 years ago, on my 13th birthday, I finally had that cat of my own, although he was a little bigger than what I had expected.
Chewy (formally Guerro) is the most loving & crazy cat around, & I knew from the day we met at the PHS-SPCA (when he grabbed a hold of my sweater as I walked by the cage, starting purring, & wouldn't let go) that I would have a life-long friend. I feel like I owe the people at SPCA an amazing thank you for letting me adopt my dear orange friend. Thank you so much. 

Ashley Marie & Chewy, San Mateo, CA

P.S. Chewy also has some new cat & dog brothers (Moku- the Lilac Siamese cat & Nemo formally "Turtle"- the Chihuahua Mix), that we were lucky enough to adopt last year.

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JoeyHi All:

Just wanted to drop a line about our little dog Joey.  When we saw him in his cage we thought he was just the most adorable dog.  We thought about adopting him but wanted to think about it overnight.  We decided he was what we wanted.  We adopted him in October 2009.  We kept his same name.  We have a Black Miniature Schnauzer named Max and they get along pretty good.  At times, they like to play rough.  When we adopted Joey, he had no information about him.  Sad to know that someone would just leave him without any info. He has totally fit in with our family… He gives Max a run for his money.  I don’t think he had a good life prior as he is skittish about a lot of things.  We constantly reassure him. 

Anyways, we love Joey and am glad that we were able to adopt him.

Michelle P.

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LucyHi all!

In May 2009, we adopted Lucy, formerly Muffin, and right from the start she became a treasured member of our family. We can't imagine our life without her! She's quite a character, with her little snuffles and loud snoring, and she enjoys spending her days playing with her tennis balls and Nylabone, following us around the house, hoping that food drops on the floor, and doing her 'happy dance' whenever we come home. She's currently snuggled up next to me on the couch, which is one of her all-time favorite pastimes. Our extended families adore her, and fight over who gets dog-sitting privileges when we go out of town. It's nearly impossible to take her for a 'quick walk' without kids and passersby stopping to pet Lucy and exclaim over what a cute pup she is...and we're always quick to tell them that she's a good girl too!
Lucy was classified as 'special medical needs' because of her dry eye condition, and we're thrilled to report that she's down to only one drop twice a day! The Vet Vision doctors are quite happy with how she's doing.
Words cannot express our gratitude to you for rescuing Lucy and nursing her back to health, and for our luck to have visited your facility at the right time to adopt her. She's a beloved, sweet, gentle, spunky little girl, and we are so lucky to have her in our family!

Sue-Ellen and Scott A., Millbrae, CA

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WillowHumane Society,

Sitting next to me as I write this is the little terrier formerly known as Butters. My niece named him Willow. He is adapting to his new lifestyle quite well, and everyone really loves him. Willow is certainly not what I had planned when I considered bringing another dog into my home for the first time in five years. I thought that I would eventually find a hound or similar larger breed who could get around the steep terrain around the home. I had not considered another small dog who would be confined to the minimal flat area close to home, and who would need constant supervision while outside. What I also did not consider is that Willow is small enough that he can go with me everywhere, so does not need to be left at home. I spend much of my time in Scott’s Valley and Santa Cruz, and work in the car. (I am a garden columnist, so spend much of my time writing and responding to e-mail on the computer.) Willow sits in the driver’s seat next to me as I work, and often convinces me to take him out for walks on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, or wherever we happen to be working at the time. When we go downtown on Sunday morning, he really enjoys walking around North Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos and meeting all the other dogs. He is much more social than I am. When we do get home late in the day, he does not seem to mind not being able to go outside alone, and being confined to his limited area close to home. We can not see any of the neighbors from home, but Willow really enjoys walking to their homes and visiting with other dogs. One of his best friends is an elderly black Labrador retriever who lives next door to the north. Willow is remarkably compatible with children, even though I was initially hesitant about him interacting with them. The only difficulty that we have had so far was when we left your facility. Willow watched out the back window of the car and whimpered softly. He did not want to leave. I really felt badly for him; but I am confident that he enjoys his lifestyle here. Thank you so much for arranging the adoption of Willow. I intend to provide him with a good home and lifestyle. The enclosed picture is Willow on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, with the wharf in the background.

Tony T.

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Here is Samantha, formerly Muneca, adopted May 2009. She is a great dog with lots of love to give. The best part is that she saved me one night when our home was broken into- the burglar saw Sam move towards him and he ran away! Needless to say, she is part of the family and we love to bring her with us where ever we go (her "smile" always wins people over). She may be a big dog, but she loves to snuggle and give hugs. She is the best thing that has happened to us and we can't thank you enough for helping us find the dog we always wanted.

Jason and Karen V., Burlingame

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We just wanted to show you an updated photo of Marley (formerly Ninja).  We adopted him in September and he's truly been a wonderful addition to our family.  He's very happy-go-lucky and gets along with everyone (including people) in our neighborhood. We wish everyone at the Peninsula Humane Society a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Gerry G.

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Our update to show you our "Best Friend" Sadie. Originally her name   was Honey. We adopted her June '02 and she is the best companion! She is sweet, friendly and always smiling. When we first took her home she was so shy.  Then she completely came out of her shyness. She absolutely loves going for walks, and being outside with us. She loves people, is so smart and knows lots of tricks. She loves to cuddle and goes everywhere with us....

Joan and Bob K., San Bruno

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DariusHello there!

Sorry it has taken me so long to email you an update on Darius. The drive down to San Diego (where we live) was very peaceful. He slept pretty much the whole way! Upon arrival, he immediately explored his new home. He has claimed his favorite spot on the couch, which happens to be my husband's also, but they share just fine. In fact, Darius has taken a huge liking to my husband. They are best buds!

Attached is a photo of Darius doing one of his favorite activities: watching the neighborhood from our front door. He lets us know when he wants to see outside by meowing at the door. Another favorite activity is having someone play 'laser' with him. We bought him many toys, but his absolute favorite is the laser pointer. He sleeps with us at night, and is a polite bed-mate (when he lays down to sleep, he pretty much stays put). He graciously greets all visitors when they arrive (I'm sure it's just to be sure he gets a scratch on the head). He is such a mellow and pleasant pet, and the PERFECT addition to our family. Thank you so much!

Angel, Lance and Darius 

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LeilaHello All,

About a month ago my daughter and I adopted Leila. She has been absolutely a joy to have around!!!  She is so much fun and loving. My little girl thinks we should have named her wiggles because when she is happy, and wags her tail her whole body wiggles from side to side. Not only is she well behaved and trained she is loved by our entire neighborhood.  We are currently training Leila to walk down the aisle for my upcoming wedding...She is the ring bearer!! =)  Thanks for bringing our family closer together PHS My daughter especially loves her!!!

Angie W., El Sobrante  

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MissyI have always loved PHS so when my mom and I decided to get a cat, that was our first stop. For a Christmas present I really wanted cat. So on December 16th we ended up leaving PHS with a very pretty, spunky cat named Surprise. it was around Christmas so we decided to change her name to Mistletoe Holly, Missy for short. We also sometimes call her Toe, because she has one bright golden toe. I love having her around and she is always meowing. In the morning she has her "crazy" moments where she runs around the house with her eyes all big and ears back. I love her sooooooooo much and wouldn't give her up for anything. Everyone loves her, and she is super special. She is defiantly the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you guys for taking care of her, and making sure she gets a home, which she did!!!!!

Thanks for all your help and everything!!!
Rachel B. 

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BruceI adopted Bruce on may fifth of 2009, yes this letter has had a long time coming but now theres so much to tell you about Bruce and how hes doing! and let me tell you something I absolutely love him and couldn’t imagine life without him. This is the most amazing dog he is so eager to learn and is on a mission to make friends with EVERYONE.  I cannot walk a block without someone stopping me to ask if they can pet him or complimenting me on how good he looks or on his huge adorable bat ears! Once a guy even pulled over in his car to ask me what kind of dog he was and compliment me on him! Naturally Bruce says hi to everyone who wants to say hi to him and makes well over two dozen new friends a day! Bruce and I live in San Francisco right in Haight Ashbury, naturally a very friendly dog area and an area that is as usual filled with people, and whenever we go out for a walk people recognize him cause of his big adorable face and huge satellite ears and his endless happiness...

When I took Bruce to the vet to get his first check up the vet was amazed he told me that every week or so a dog comes in that he wants to take home himself and he said he hadn’t seen one for a few weeks and that Bruce just takes the cake! And hes right Bruce is absolutely fantastic! We go running around the panhandle every morning and to golden gate park later in the day where he plays with all his friends. He loves playing with other dogs in the park every day his doggy friends range from little puppies or little pug dogs to Burmese mountain dogs and from dogs who live in big cozy homes to homeless dogs who live in the park with their owners, there is no dog who isn’t his friend. And there certainly isn’t a person whos not his friend. Bruce loves little kids and people he can be a little shy sometimes with adults but gets over it in about oh 3 seconds...

P.S. im sorry this letter is soooo long I just couldn’t not write as much as I did and I could go on BELIEVE ME. So if you’d like to skip all the juicy details then let me tell you this; Bruce is the most amazing dog ever! I love him sooo much and would’nt give him up for the world.

Sincerely- Alexandra P., San Francisco

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SmowDear PHS,

We adopted our cat Smow (he was called Sylvanin when he was with you) during the July Adopt-a-thon, and he's already a part of the family.  Within minutes of arriving at our apartment he wanted to explore and snuggle.  No hiding under the bed, no litterbox problems, just a happy cat enjoying his new home.  The picture we're sending is of Smow in one of his favorite spots, perched on the back of our couch.  He loves sleeping on his favorite blanket, playing with cardboard tubes, sitting on laps, and purring when we scratch behind his ears and rub his belly. He always has something to say!  Thank for matching us up with the best cat in the world!  

Anna and Adam, Burlingame

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Sabrina and SophiaHello:

Our experience with the SPCA here on the Peninsula is two-fold.

We had to bring "Little Cat" in over a month and a half ago to be "put to sleep". She was 20 years and two months old and just wore out. We were so impressed with the kindness and consideration we received from your staff. It was an extremely sad, hard day for us but your staff couldn't have been nicer and more caring. We thank you, thank you for that.

After living for a month without a beloved pet, we decided we would adopt a new cat --- so again we ventured to the Peninsula SPCA. Low and behold we met Sabrina and Sophia, two "tuxedo" cats that are sisters. They are over 3 years --- and really big girls. Dwayne calls them the cow and the heffer. We immediately feel in love, so instead of adopting one cat we came home with two. They are the joy of our life and have adapted into our household so, so well. The first couple of days they were a little bashful, but that didn't last long.  They are now the bosses of this house and we all couldn't be happier.  Adopting our girls was a very easy, fun process. So again, thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful organization.

We just wanted to say thank you.  You are A1+ in our book!

Carolyn and Dwayne W., Foster City

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Our beloved Samantha who we got from the Humane Society 17 years ago passed away due to kidney failure. It took me awhile to put this message together because it is too heartbreaking for me. She is always in our heart and her place is irreplaceable.
Lum family (Redwood City)

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DaisyHi PHS,

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU from Daisy and Jasmine.  We adopted the deemed “wild and untrainable” Daisy a few weeks ago.  Upon meeting Daisy and seeing her interact in the play yard with our other dog Jasmine, I knew they were soul mates!  Jasmine and Daisy get along fantastic, and are almost inseparable now.  Daisy quickly picked up the potty routine from Jasmine, and we have not had any “markings” in the house, of which she was apparently notorious for.

They love to play tug-o-war with their toys, chase each other around, and are getting pretty good at walking together on the double-lead around the neighborhood.  Any worry we had in regards to training, wild behavior, the transition to a new home, and the two dogs getting along, are out the window.  I’m not sure where the “wild and untrainable” Daisy is, because she didn’t come home with us!!  We couldn’t have adopted a better “sister” for Jasmine.  Thank you so much!!

Katie and Eddie N., San Mateo

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Abby and RubertDear PHS

Hi, my name is Abigail, Abby for short (formerly known as “Tina” at PHS). My adoptive brother Rupert and I want to say thank you to the kind doctors, staff and volunteers at PHS for giving us a chance at life, and a good life at that!! Rupert and I didn’t know one other until the day nine months ago when our Foster Moms brought us to PHS to meet our adoptive Mom. You could say that we both insisted on going home with her that day.

It is hard to remember how difficult things were for me when I first came to PHS. I was around a year and a half old, stray, and pregnant.  There were many dedicated doctors and volunteers that patiently took care of me despite my extreme fear and some health issues. I had a condition that made it painful to open my constantly irritated eyes that made me cranky all the time (which as since been surgically corrected by PHS doctors – thank you PHS doctors!). They tell me that  I was so afraid and stressed out at the shelter that at one point I badly hurt my leg in the bars of my cage.

After nearly three difficult months at the shelter, Sue, one of the kind volunteers at PHS agreed to take me in as a Foster. At her home 
I hid out for many weeks, but with her patience and love I slowly began to feel safe enough to emerge and show her glimpses of the sweet girl I really am. She took me into her loving home and cared for me for three months. I don’t know what would have become of me without her.

My brother Rupert had a hard time of it too.  He and his biological sister were found as stray kittens and taken in as Fosters by Anika (a PHS employee) for three months as well.  He’s now a totally sweet and easygoing fellow that I love to snuggle and play with.

Our Mom and extended family give us lots and lots of love and play time so we’re both thriving. I’m still uncertain about new people and  typically hide when people I don’t know come to our home, but I don’t  stay away too long (It is sinking in that Mom doesn’t let mean people  into the house). We have a mellow 15year old canine sister Maggie that we both get along with. When we aren’t snuggling together or playing, Rupert and I tend hang out near (and frequently on) Mom when she is home from work or sleeping; we do so love it when she is home from work.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,

Abby (aka “Tina” A424589) and Rupert (A435926)

P.S.  Our Mom says to tell you that she can’t imagine not having us in  her life and is forever grateful to PHS for not giving up on Rupert  and myself and bringing us all together.

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SugarHello! I had adopted a cat from you. Remember Sugar? I had adopted her after losing my last cat friend. I wanted to share the love I have for cats with one that needed a home. Sugar stood out instantly. She is a warm, kind and loving cat. She warmed up to everyone after just a day.  Thank you so much for bringing us together and hope that others will find a friend just like her! :)
Here is a picture of her in her new bed! She loves it so much and likes to sleep on my bed with me.

Rosa S.

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TrixieHi there,

Trixie the Budgie here (#A450539). Since I learned to use the computer (!) I thought I’d let you know that I’ve settled in my new home quite well. When Mommy brought me home I spent 2 days looking not too happy in a little house (cage). Then Mommy decorated my REAL house and put me in it and I knew I was home. I have lots of perches, and a ladder that tastes really good and that I like to climb…mostly up the back side and between the rungs. I have some balls that I like to climb and swing on, and a tic-tac-toe that is lots of fun…even if I usually end up taking a bath in my water dish. I have a friend who lives in a mirror who is very good looking. Mommy was encouraging me to come out of my house by drawing attention to my front door, but I didn’t fall for it. Then last week, my Auntie said that she would buy me a jungle gym if I came out…and on Wednesday….away I flew ! I got to see my big brother Buddy (adopted last year ) who lives in the living room I can hardly wait for my new toys to arrive! Thanks for taking such good care of me until I found my forever home…now if only that jungle gym would arrive…a girl always needs more toys!

Wishing you many sprays of millet…. Trixie

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TateI picked up Tate at the SPCA on 05/28/09.  After staying in his new home for a week or so, he began to become comfortbale with his surroundings. 

Tate is doing wonderful at home and loves his walks.  As stated in his personal profile at the SPCA, he loves his stuffed animals, a mallard duck and 2 hedgehogs.  Tate can never get enough treats, as pretty much anything thats crunchy will do.  As I watch him as I'm writing this, he is sprawled out on the cool kitchen floor awaiting his daily jog around the block.

Tate is a joy to have in the home and everyone who meets him falls in love with him instantly.  Although people are a little intimidated by his look when we walk around the neighborhood, they always find he's a big baby in the end. 

To end this, a quick word to Tates previous family.  Please know Tate is in very good hands and is doing great here in the bay area.  A vet check up revealed a clean bill of health, although he needs to eat a little bit more to gain some weight (that is being taken care of quickly though :).  Tate has another loving home and everyone is glad to have him part of the family.  I thank you for taking care of such a wonderful dog.

-Kevin M., Belmont

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PrincessDear Peninsula Humane Society,

We want to thank you SO much for the wonderful experience we had adopting Princess. We LOVE her to pieces - she is so precious and she has made our family so happy! She fits right in with our family of five and our old lab Brownie. When we were adopting Princess, your staff found she had a hernia. One week later, she was scheduled for the surgery at your clinic. The Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Janowitz, was wonderful! She provided great care for Princess and continued to answer questions we had about her, as she healed. She is such a lovely dog and we are so happy she is part of our lives! Thank you so much for all the good work you do! We had a great experience adopting Princess and we will ALWAYS recommend the Peninsula Humane Society as a great place to get a pet! Princess is being treated like royalty here at home and we are thrilled with her!

All the best,
Jeanne and family, San Mateo

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I adopted Leilani two weeks ago. She is such a sweet and affectionate girl. She was a bit shy at first but now she runs around confidently, jumps under covers, rolls over and puts on all kinds of shows that makes me laugh. She seems to love her new home. I love having her. She brings so much joy to me. She met my whole family and loves everyone as much as we love her. She even has a new name: Tzipa! Thank you SPCA for doing such a wonderful job in providing shelter and new homes for these special animals

Ariella W., San Mateo

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PharohToday is June 1st, I'm sending you a photo of Pharoh...he will become my therapy dog. He has changed my life and I pray every day that we have a lot of years together. Pharoh is very well known in our areas. He's smart, gentle, kind, and loves all who meet him...AND he has not had any potty accidents. I love him very much and we will always be together in 'our forever home.


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SassyI adopted Sassy from the PHS in 1998 when she was just a kitten. Since then she has been nothing but a pleasure to be around. She truly runs the household. She cries in the morning when she wants to eat, she has a bed made for her in multiple rooms and she never does anything she doesn't want to. She is a goof ball and a love (but only on her terms). I can't think of a better companion. Thank you so much for bringing her into my life!

Kim M .  Redwood City

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DexterDear PHS,

Thought I'd send you an update on one of your former residents,  this is Dexter! (He was known as Tigre when we adopted him).  He's been with us a little over a month now and seems to feel right at home here.  He loves to play and never fails to make us laugh with his silly antics, he really is a clown!  He is also incredibly intelligent, he watches all that we do with great curiosity and he is a very quick learner. 

He is also a very sweet and loving boy,  he likes to share our bed in the morning,  which causes us to move over as he isn't exactly small! He never fails to bring a smile to our faces.  Thank you so much for caring for him and bringing us together,  he really is a wonderful addition to our home. 

Thank you for all that you do for the animals in your care,  you are truly appreciated.

Danielle and Scott C.  Redwood City

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YoshiDear Friends at the PHS-SPCA,

It's been over a month since Yoshi came to live with me, and I thought maybe I'd drop you a note to let him know how he's doing.

In short : I feel like I won the doggie lottery! He's amazing, and I hope he loves being here as much as I love having him. He's great on walks, he's easy to train, and everyone loves him. Although he was a little weary of other dogs at first, he's even beginning to make friends in the neighborhood, big and small. He actually passed two big dogs on our walk this morning without even a growl! He was house-trained almost instantly (a few marking incidents every now and again, but nothing major) and continues to learn new things every week at training classes. You warned me about some possible 'destruction' issues, but so far the only casualty has been a paper towel. A PAPER TOWEL! I wish his past weren't such a mystery though. His files only go back to last year. If you run into anyone who knows his story please let me know.

Anyway, I can't imagine why anyone would give him up, but I try and think that maybe he just hadn't found 'the One' yet. Maybe I'm overly paranoid as a first time dog owner, but I started taking him to behavior trainings, and it's been doing wonders. I suggest it to everyone as a great investment. Knowing how to train makes a HUGE difference, especially since we have to spend the next 15 years together!

Thanks for making his Youtube postings! That is what made me fall in love with him.

I'm sure that any of you that know him would be happy to know that he's found a home where he's loved and spoiled. I feed him and walk him and give him treats and fuzzy blankets and in return he puts up with me. I think it's a fair deal :).  

J. Tambe

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Skippy18 years ago PHS put me in touch with Beagle Rescue where I adopted my boy SkipSkip is a once in a life time dog, anyone animal or human who came in contact with him fell in love, and if you didn’t fall in love at first site he would stick right by your side until you did!

If I was to tell you how he made my life a daily Happy Ending I would probably take up the entire website. Everyday was a new adventure for this boy from pulling a 25 pound ham out of the refrigerator and devouring it, to being a Therapy Dog that actually got a young woman to come out of her shell. His favorite hobby other then food was chasing squirrels, Skip only had 3 legs but he would get down on that front leg and shoot out like a bullet to catch a squirrel (which he never did).

I used to look forward to waking up in the morning and seeing the constant smile and wagging tail  that would greet me and to coming home at night to see this wonderful boy that made me feel happy regardless of how my day went.

I will miss my boy and I thank PHS and Skip for giving me 18 years of Happy Endings :)

Paula M., San Bruno

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BessiePeninsula Humane Society,

Greetings! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our recent addition to the family - Bessie! She has been nothing but a non-stop charmer since the day we brought her home. As you know, Bessie is a master at sitting and shaking a hand but what you may not know is that we currently have her enrolled with a trainer, who has been bringing out many hidden qualities in Bessie that we didn't know about yet. She now walks happily on a loose leash, three times a day, sans gentle leader. :) I can honestly say that we spoil her because she can never get enough of cuddling up with Billy or I on the couch or sniffing our faces only to be hugged in return. Her exuberance, energy and wit make her a joy to be around everyday. We simply love her. Though she may have been at the shelter for a long time, Billy and I cannot thank you all enough for keeping her safe until we could meet her.  

Megan and Billy, Mountain View

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GucciHi PHS,

I wanted to let you know how much we love our cat Gucci (adopted as Chelsea). My boyfriend and I adopted Gucci the day after Christmas, 2007. She was about 4.5 years old then. She’s a tiny, very sweet, mellow yet talkative cat. She greets us when we come home from work and wakes us up every morning for breakfast. We are so happy with her that we’re thinking about coming down to PHS to find her a playmate. See you guys soon!  

Cassie A., Pacfiica

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Just wanted to give you an update about Bolt. He loves his new home! We take him out on long walks and play with him a lot. He's very well behaved and so far has not had any accidents in the house. We have also changed his name to Pepi and he is beginning to learn his name. He is also learning how to "sit" on command, but he hasn't quite mastered that yet. We can tell that he enjoys our company and he gets excited when anyone comes home. He greets us with lots of love :)

Kristy Y.

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Mr BearThanks for all your help with the adoption of Mr. Bear! He is doing great and has been renamed by our kids as "Sneaky" as he has tried to sneak out a few times :)  He is very playful and sweet and has a very fun personality.

Our golden retriever is in love with the cat and they are very cute snuggling together at night.  I've never seen a dog and cat so affectionate!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Tricia & Eric M.

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AnnieI adopted Annie from PHS exactly two years ago.  I wanted to let you know that she has become a therapy dog, but not the typical kind.  She has become a therapist to homeless, abandoned, and sometimes traumatized animals.  Some of the foster dogs that have come into my home have been mistreated, and all have been abandoned.  Annie has a way of immediately bonding with them and they learn to trust again through their observation of her amazing relationships with humans.  She has also socialized several litters of tiny foster kittens.  These kittens were more adoptable because of their comfort level with dogs.  I call her my Ann-bassador of good will. 

Laura K., El Granada

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DannyIn July 98 we adopted from Peninsula Humane Society a German Shepherd male dog. He was very friendly and loveable companion to us till March 18th this year when he died of sudden heart and respiratory arrest at the age of ~11 years. We miss him very much and we were always very grateful for getting the opportunity to adopt him.

I attached few pictures from last Christmas when he was almost 11 years old since  I recall that I had seen picures of adopted pets at the shelter facilities.

Peter S., Tucson, AZ

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JulianDear PHS,
Thanks for saving our Julian. We adopted him in 2007 and kept his name PHS staffs gave him. However, he likes being call "Baby" better. My husband calls him Romeo because he's very attentive to females - humans mostly. He's very good with our cats and has been a very good travel companion for us. Luckily he doesn't get car sick, we do travel by car a lot. Here's his 1st Christmas outfit and his handsome signature look.
Thanks again,
Lum Family, Redwood City

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Jezebel, Spike, and BellaHello there,

Just wanted to pass along a recent holiday photo of Jezebel, Spike, and Bella – who were all adopted from PHS.  How, you might ask, did we manage to get the three of them to sit posed long enough to take a picture?  We like to think of it as a holiday miracle.  Thanks PHS for everything you do and for providing animals with the opportunity to find new families who can love (and spoil) them.

Rowena & Michael (and Jezebel, Spike, & Bella), Menlo Park

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WinnieDear PHS,

I wanted to tell you what an "Angel" my newly adopted friend has become. Now named Winnie, I adopted him a little over two weeks ago and now can truly say I could not have asked for a better dog. He loves everyone and everything and has really added something extra to my life. Thanks so much for your help in finding the best companion for me!


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ParkerHi PHS:

On September 6th, 2008 we adopted Parker (we kept the name you guys gave him).  He was just a tiny little kitten about 6-8 weeks old.  He was a spunky little guy and quickly won our hearts.  Today, Parker rules the house and loves to snuggle at night. 

Thank you PHS for saving Parker's life.  He brings us joy everyday.

Thank you,
Amy, Tim, and Dylan

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I received the adoption receipt and AVID info yesterday. Bandit/Mango is settling in super well at my place. He was already comfortable by Tuesday afternoon, and fell asleep on my lap that night. The paperwork and reporting on him was very accurate. The only surprises have been positive and I already fully enjoy having him around. He's affectionate and playful, and he rarely lets me leave his sight. I hope I can make him feel happy and secure for many, many years.

Thanks again for your help.  He's really a great cat and I appreciate everything you and the Humane Society did in preparation for his adoption.

Derek S., San Francisco

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I adopted Siena Sky last November. She is doing great!!! Presently we are taking PHS Dog Obedience Classes and she is having a ball making new friends and learning. Although her story when she was left at the PHS was she loved to chase cats (which she still does) she has become very motherly to the two I have at home. She was a little shy at first around people but has come out of her shell. She loves her walks, going to the beach, playing at the dog park and hanging with her dog buddies. Everyone stops and asks what type of dog is she and I say a happy dog!!! She's not fond of barrettes or sweaters but will let me dress her once in a while – she puts up with it for me. As you can see from this picture she loves to shop – just like her mom! I am so glad I adopted her. I love her very much.  Thank you PHS!

From Siena Sky and Carla D.

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I just had to share some pics of my little Lily. She is a riot, and comes to work with me every day. She has my 3 pit bulls in line, but has no shame when it is cold – she snuggles right up to them. She has learned that if she first covers the pit bull sleeping on the couch with blankets then SHE climbs in, she has locked in a good source of heat. Clever dog!

She has completely recovered from her cough and is full of personality. She spins, squeaks, play bows…loves sleeping in laps and any lap will do. 4 lb dog with 104 lbs of personality.

The tongue is ALWAYS out. The only variable is how far out. She even sleeps with it out!

I will try and get some pics of the pack snoozing on the couch. It is hard, because she comes out looking like a tiny dot in the photos compared to her 55lb, 70lb and 90lb buddies.

Take care and thanks again for such a sweet dog.

All the best, Allison L.

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This is Cuddles. We adopted her in November, (her name was Peanut at the PHS). She loves wrapping paper and LOVES stealing pens from my computer desk. Its so funny. She follows JJ (11 yrs old) like a puppy. She sleeps on JJ, she follows her from room to room. LOL. What a precious gift you gave us. Cuddles is a very special addition to our family and we thank all of the Peninsula Humane Society for helping us find our perfect new 'daughter'.

Janet and Janet Jr. B.

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TeddyDear PHS:

Thank you all so much for helping to bring the perfect pet - our
budgie, Teddy - to us! We adopted him this past June of 2008, and he
has turned out to be everything we hoped for and more. Despite being a little weird (but aren't we all?), he's great for our family. Teddy is a very happy bird, singing and flying the day away. Among his weird, but lovable traits are: making sure no one's watching him when he sneaks a drink or pecks at a toy, totally ignoring you when faced with the task of eating healthy, and picking random tunes he seems to love. He especially likes "Better In Time" by Leona Lewis. Thanks to all again, and Happy New Year!

The Saisi Family, Burlingame

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MannyHi... my name is Manny and I'm a big, handsome common green iguana. I was found as a stray in San Mateo and was taken to PHS back in October of 1997! I was a little guy then, actually nearly dead because I was starving to death. When I got to the Shelter I was taken to the Wildlife Care Center and one of the volunteers saw what terrible shape I was in and offered to foster me back to health. She took me to her home in Pacifica where she force fed me a high-protein diet until I was able to eat on my own. Finally I was healthy enough to find my permanent home, and as it turns out, my foster mom WAS my permanent home! (She told me that she told her husband she TRIED to find me a different home... wink, wink!)

We now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico - I love the sunshine! I have my own room with lots of climbing branches, basking sites, special lights that allow me to absorb Vitamin D3, a tub to bathe in, a humidifier to replicate my natural environment, and a new plate of fresh greens and assorted veggies every day. Life is good and my mom loves me very much.

Lisa B., Santa Fe, NM

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MonaAndFamilyDear PHS:

Thank you for letting Adrian and me bring the feisty Mona into our lives. We and our other dog, Max, love her so much. Max adores playing with his new pal immensely and she simply revels in cuddling with us. We so enjoy showering her with the love and attention she deserves. She's a great dog and we wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have her in our family!

All the best,

Jamie S ., San Mateo

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ElwoodI am the guy who adopted Elwood last Friday.  And I am happy to tell you he is a really good cat!  He is very affectionate and loves to play.  And seems to do fine being home alone all day.  What I don't understand is how he got to you guys, twice.  It might be he does not do well with other animals.  He is 13 pounds and very strong, and he does play rough.  As soon as he gets more accustomed to his new home I'll start clipping his claws.  And I suspect because he is so strong he probably would not be good around kids.  For me he is perfect.

Barry L., San Mateo

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SmokeyHi all at PHS,

I wanted to write a note of thanks and Happy Holidays to your wonderful staff, for the loving care they provide to the animals at PHS Shelter. Our elderly cat passed away last year. After much discussion, in September we adopted a kitten from PHS, thinking we would give a cat in need a happy ending. Instead, it was Smokey that gave the happy ending to us! We tell each other every day, how lucky we are to have this little lover boy, who brings us so much joy.

Smokey is the sweetest, most gentle cat you could know, everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is our alarm clock in the morning, waking us up with a gentle nibble to our ears or chin, and the first to greet you as you walk in the door at the end of a busy day, usually talking the whole way, with a variety of meows and chirps. He's smart, he plays "fetch" and even opens cabinet doors! He loves to keep his owners company, no matter where they may be, and even sits tub side while mom takes a bubble bath!

His capacity for love is huge. Every day, he gives us unconditional love and joy. We are so thankful he is part of our family.

Kevin & Liz (and Smokey), Pacifica

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GemmaMy name is Gemma. My mom adopted me one year ago this week.  I could not have found a better place to live. When I was first adopted, I spent a lot of days hissing at mom and hiding under the bed. But she was incredibly patient with me and now I love her to death. In fact, she has to stop me from giving her kisses. I can’t wait for mom to get home from work so I can talk her ear off, and I really do, very loudly too. I love to play and hide mom's hairties. As many toys as she buys for me, those are my favorite. I can't wait to go to bed. My favorite spot is laying right next to mom, all night long. I still don't like people I don't know and I still get scared of loud noises or sudden movements, but I am getting a little better. All I know is that I am happy that I got to come home with my mom. Thank you for finding me a great place to live. I could not be happier. Oh, momma says thank you too.

Gemma, Pacifica

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We wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Noobi is having a great time here and we are very happy to have him in our family. Will decided that he wanted to change Noobi's name to Buddy and we transitioned him into the name slowly using both for a while. Buddy and Pepper are best of friends; enjoying a good wrestle every evening. He has calmed down and realized that Pepper is his best friend. They are almost inseparable. Our Cocker Patches seems to enjoy all the action and tries to join in at times but usually just watches.

We hope all is well with you - The Abrams - Lock, Dogs! and Barrel, San Mateo

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MiloAs you can see Milo has adjusted quite well.  I love him and everyday he seems to relax more and more.  He really loves one of  my co-workers, Tuan. He loves the yard and his every day walks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire staff.

Milo and Darlene, Redwood City

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JeevesTo whom it may concern:

2 years ago, I adopted Jeeves (Chevelle) from your shelter. He has been a tremendously meaningful addition to my life and has become quite an integral part of my family (my mother has grown especially attached). We had an adventure this summer as I got married and moved across the country to New York state - we couldn't bare to put him on a plane, so we loaded up the car with a spot for him to curl up and go to sleep in. He learned to swim by the Grand Tetons, learned what a thunderstorm was and as of just a week ago, learned about snow. I really think he's the best dog ever and wanted to express my gratitude for all the things that you do to help animals like him.

Attached is a picture of him sleeping in the car on our exodus and a more formal photo of him at our campgrounds in Minnesota.

All the best!
Alice B.

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RudyWe just wanted to thank you again for getting us together!

Here are some adorable photos of Rudy.  I think at first he felt ridiculous in his winter pajamas, but (being part chihuahua) he now seems to appreciate the warmth more than caring how he looks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and bless your big animal-loving hearts,
Jill & Rudy

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ChaparitaWe wanted to update you on "Chaparita". We adopted her a little over 1 month ago. 10/10/08.   She has been the best thing that has happened to us in a long time.  She takes us on at least two 45min. walks a day and absolutely loves going to the beach, which she does about 2 times a week. She is the sweetest little girl in the world. Everywhere we take her people stop us and want to pet her. She is just magical. She truly has become our best friend and we love her so. Thank you PHS for your fine facility and all the hard work and dedication your staff and volunteers do for all these beautiful animals. We appreciate what you do very much. We plan on coming back in the near future to find a furry friend for Chaparita.

All our best ,
Jim and Joanne F., San Carlos

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LilyJust so people know I got Lily from PHS 17 years ago when she was 1 ½ years old. She had come from a laboratory environment and was scared of everything, when I first saw her she was hiding under two other beagles so as not to be seen. I figured no one would take her because of her problems so I told the Customer Service Person that is the dog I wanted thinking I would give her a happy ending. Instead it was Lily that gave the Happy Ending to me!

Lily was the sweetest most gentle dog you could know and I wish I was just half the “person” that she was! She was a great therapy dog and always knew who needed that special bit of attention.  She was the most patient little creature, while Skip is always in the spot light she was quite and shy and did not mind being in the background. She never made a fuss if she was last to get her cookie or a hug as she always knew she would get it eventually.  Her capacity for love was larger then the Grand Canyon itself. 

I am so happy that she chose me to stay with these last 17 years and so happy that she gave me so many beautiful memories, where ever she is now I know is a better place.

Paula M ., San Bruno

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I adopted Peanut, a 4 month old shep mix in the summer of 94, and we changed her name to BaileyBailey passed 11/8/8 at 15 1/2.  She was loved by all.  She was a family pet, spoiled but not rotten.  At the age of 8 she was called to service as only a dog can be, she became my fathers hospice dog.  She was certified as a care pet.  She gave great comfort to my dad.

Bailey and family moved to Nevada and we began fostering dogs.  Bailey and step sister Callie made a difference in many animals lives. 
The picture attached is of my father and Bailey...

Thank you for all that you do.
Erin M.

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FriskyHi, just wanted to update you on both Frisky and Cleo (I adopted a couple weeks ago from the SM shelter). Frisky is in a new home where he gets to free range. He has a large martins cage all to himself, he gets lots of healthy treats and runs and plays all day and has a large hammock he loves. I have to say, he is the nicest rat I've ever come across from a shelter.
Cleo is in another home with some friendly cage mates. Although she doesn't like to be touched, she's getting lots of great food and attention.

Dan P.

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BearAndHunter I am in love with my two special boys, Bear and Hunter. They are the joys of my life. I adopted them over 5 years ago and I don't know how I lived without them. I teach elementary school and can't wait to get home to greet them as they greet me with the same enthusiasm every day. They are definitely spoiled and deserve every bit of it.   Both are at my sides from the moment I get up to the time I crash at night.  If I am sick, they do not leave my side. I can't thank the Peninsula Humane Society enough for keeping this darlings until I met them. I tell everyone I know to go visit you before even considering pet stores(ugh!) or breeders. You are truly  special people.

Thank you,
Renee  L., San Mateo

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My boyfriend, Sean, and I adopted Milton, "Miltie", from you a while back. I've attached a couple of his pictures. She's currently sharing a 65 gallon tank with a couple of little red devils and a pearl gourami. Sean found a 125 gallon tank which Sean is preparing to move Miltie and friends into. She enjoys rearranging her "furniture", and can be quite noisy while doing so! As I type, she is creating a new nest. Guess she got tired with the old one. Sean added bubbles to her tank, which she really seems to enjoy.

Lisa and Sean, San Jose

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Dear PHS and ASPCA,

My family and I adopted our loving little chihuahua/ pug mix, Pina, from the shelter about a year ir two ago. She is a loving and caring little dog who pleases everyone. Pina has seemed to attach to my mother, Adele, she is always by her side and never leaves it except maybe for a piece of bacon! Thank u so much for giving us the opportunity for adopting a shelter animal. We also adopted  a puppy "Herbie" whos name is now Spoti. Pina is like a mother ti him. Again thanks for what  you do at the humane society and the work you put in to giving these animals a loving and nurturing home!

Spoti, Pina, other animals we have adopted, and Adele, Joe, Sylvie, and the kids (Burlingame)

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YukiHi PHS Staff,

You posted a picture of Yuki on your Happy Tails website and I thought I'd send you 1 more that we got done by a good photographer since we adopted another husky to keep Yuki company... she has grown to be a beautiful, loving and compassionate husky that always wants to sit right by our side!!

Lilian K., San Mateo

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ChalkaChalka has been with us almost 3 months now, and she takes up a big space in the hearts of everyone in the house. Chalka is a goofy bundle of joy. She frolics around our backyard chasing butterflies (she never catches them though) and tossing her stuffed octopus around. She has brought so much joy into our lives, and we are so thankful to the SPCA for helping us find our perfect match. She was very shy when we first brought her home, but she has really come out of her shell, first with us, and now at the dog park. Everyone knows and loves her. Thank you so much to everyone at the SPCA! Our lives would be empty without Chalka!

Jon, Jolene and Chalka

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Blackie is flourishing in our household. He loves our other 3 cats and plays with our other two boys, Pouncer and Charlie, very often. Blackie took up his new job position as the 'living cat alarm clock' allowing our only female cat Lucky to retire. He wakes us up every morning on time for work. Unfortunately, he also does that on our days off and holidays. Blackie is very friendly, vocal, and active. He likes to jump up on cabinets and dig through the recycling bags of shredded paper. Toys are scattered everywhere in nearly every room of our house. We all love Blackie and are glad that we adopted him. He has opened our eyes to accepting black cats everywhere. This black cat has brought us good luck

Nicholine L., Daly City

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RexOur Story

The moment we saw Rex bundled up with his brothers and sisters one December morning, I knew he was the perfect match. We fell in love with the little puppy that was sound asleep with his 4 paws stretched to the air. With 7 weeks of age, we new raising Rex was going to be a big responsibility. Rex has taught us about patience and unconditional love no matter how many leashes he's chewed through or how many lip balms he's eaten. Rex has made everyday a learning experience for first time dog owners like us. Waking up every morning to our little bundle of joy has truly made us grateful for our decision in adopting and saving this beautiful puppy. Thank you SPCA for everything!

"Berex" (Lex, Belen & Rex), San Mateo

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ozzyHi to all at the PHS

Diamond here.  Thank you for finding my new home for me.  I have been here about a month now, and I am settling in.  My main duties at my new abode include sleeping in till noon, lying around the back yard in the sun, rolling in the dirt, and being a varmint control officer.  I'm still trying very hard to get along with the other cat that resides here, and things are getting better, but I will be the alfa cat soon. I miss all my friends at the PHS, but am happier that I have found a home to call my own.

Love Diamond (San Mateo)

PS My new name is Ozzy

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QtipHi! We wanted to give you and update on Q-tip (Formerly “April”).  She is doing very well and as you can see has taken over one of our chairs in our living room as her own! She greats Brandon and me at the front door every time we come home, no matter how long we have been gone. She still loves her pipe cleaners but has found a new favorite toy in a “bird” on a string and a laser pointer which she will chase around for hours without tiring. In the evenings he normally falls asleep in the evenings on one of our laps. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and taking such good care of Q-tip before we came to adopt her. Thanks again!!!

Tasha C., Burlingame

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KylieDesdamona was adopted May 19, 2007 and has been a wonderful cat. I lost my cat of 9 years to kidney failure and was devastated. I went to the shelter seeking a kitten and fell in love with her. The first day we brought her to the house, she was home. She immediately took to our friends and their children and doesn't even mind going camping (on leash of course) in the summer. Thank you so much for the joy you have brought to our lives.

Laura and Steve

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KylieSubject: successful cat adoption

Kylie is now 3! We got her at 6 months. She had been given a males name, but I cannot recall what that was. She is a little kitty but now weighs 8.lbs 3 oz. We love her so much! She is a happy healthy indoor baby and the vet says she is perfect health wise. Thank you!

Nancy, San Jose

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ShelterRescueDear PHS,

We wanted to thank you for for everything that you have done for the animals of San Mateo County. A few years ago we adopted a fabulous pit mix from your shelter. We never could have imagined the amount of love and joy that she would bring into our hearts. Every morning we are greeted by her smiling face and wagging tail. Thank you for saving her from a life of cruelty and neglect.

Jen and Crystal W.

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BeckyDear PHS,

Now, three years on, I cannot tell you what a joy it has been having Becky, my 13 year old German Shepherd mix, in my life.  I met Becky at one of your PHS promotions at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo a few years back and instantly fell in love with this wonderful pet.  At the time, my life was at a low ebb; I had broken up with my girlfriend, had been laid off from my job, and had family issues to deal with.  The year previously, I had lost my 14 year old Doberman-Lab Mix, Sasha, also an adopted dog from the PHS.

Becky's story is an unusual one. She was found abandoned at SFO wandering the terminals there; a kind ramp agent discovered her, tried to contact the owners without much success. She wanted to adopt the dog herself, but Becky did not get along with her partner's dog. Thus, Becky was surrendered to the PHS to my good fortune.

Becky, is a fabulous animal. Sweet, loving, and adorable, she is constantly by my side and aways there watching me devotedly.  Whether I am shaving in the morning, watching television, or taking walks in the park (which she loves) she is a constant companion. There is something different about an adopted dog that is inherently special; they will always love you more than you know!

Kenneth P., San Mateo

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Poker DiceHi San Mateo Humane Society,

I adopted a domestic short hair kitty back in January 08. She was the first one I saw in the cages and I decided I wanted to look at her. I picked out other kitties to look at, but none seemed to capture my attention. The society was about to close and I decided to look at one more kitty. It was the first kitty that I saw. She had no name on her chart so immediately my fiancé and I knew that her name would be Poker Dice (We like playing Poker and Dice just seemed to go good with it). As soon as she walked into the room she came right up to me. I noticed that she had a crinkled ear and to me that gave her character. It made me think about all the people that probably didn’t want to look at her because she was different. That didn’t bother me though. We took her home and she made herself right at home. She had an ear infection, but the vet took care of that the following week. She surely fits in our family! She waits for me at the door, she sleeps next to me at night, and she greets me every morning. We take her on trips and she doesn’t seem to mind the car trips. We had a birthday party for her in May (she turned two) and we bought her a kitty condo (which she loves!). All I can say is thank you so much for taking care of my little Poker Dice. I know that she was from Hayward and from what I was told at the Humane Society a family noticed she was pregnant and they took her in until she had the kittens. Afterwards, they decided to take her to the Humane Society in San Mateo because they heard it was a much cleaner facility. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for what you did for her. So thank you. Poker Dice and myself will never be able to express our gratitude.

Melissa D., Santa Clara

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QuesoDear PHS,

We wanted to thank you and Queso's foster dad Tim for giving us the opportunity to adopt Queso. We had Coco already and wanted to add another member to our family. So, we came across Queso and fell in love. He is doing great and we love him very much!...Coco and Queso are like two peas in a pod! When they go outside in the backyard they wait for each other, even when we go for walks they have to walk right next to each other. They bring their toys out in the backyard with them and play tug of war and just the other day I caught them laying on the lounge chairs together with their heads pointed towards the sun!...So once again thank you for Queso!...My mother, Coco, Queso, and I are having such a great time together! attached is a picture of Coco and Queso laying on my bed under the covers together!

Theodora L.

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RikoHi PHS!

We wanted to formally thank you for bringing Riko into our lives. We were told that he had no name upon arrival so we took the liberty of naming him Riko which in Japanese means clever and wise. We have never had such a sweet and intelligent dog! He fits perfectly into our family and loves everyone unconditionally. When we brought him home he was shy and timid and would hardly leave our sides, however he has come out of his little shell and now loves to play romp and run around our big backyard. He looks forward to his play dates with Kylie, his new best friend, and he especially loves Yuki our other wonderful dog; we constantly find them cuddling in the warm California sun. His favorite things to do are napping, playing with his toys, snuggling, and eating! Our little boy has a voracious appetite! So in short, thank you PHS for giving us the opportunity to meet and bring Riko into our home, we could not be happier to have such a loving addition to our family.

Mike, Karen, Hana, Riko, and Yuki H.

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MelloHello PHS,

I want to thank you and especially Carol for allowing me to meet and adopt my special dog. After several trips to find the right match, I went to PHS on March 17, 2007 and was looking at another dog next to “Patrick” and my friend who was with me said “what about that little one?”…..he came up to me and was so calm, sweet and we knew he was the one. I nursed him back to health, house trained him and today we are learning how to be the best dog and owner together. “Carmello” (new name) is a great guard dog, he loves to meet up with his pals at the dog park, he is an extremely intelligent dog, very handsome and a great companion. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have him in the family.  He is such a cool dog!!!  My mom calls him a movie star!  Will be looking for his mate pretty soon. Thank you!

Carla N., San Mateo

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RockyDear Peninsula SPCA,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well my little dog Rocky has been doing since I brought him home last May.  When he first got here, he was overall hesitant and very nervous around new people.  He was a little pudgy, had a bum leg and a rough case of kennel cough.  Well the leg is still bum but he's not letting that stop him from loving his new life.  He runs, well actually he sprints, all over the dog park.  He goes right up to new people and new dogs to introduce himself.  We've gone to obedience classes and he knows sit, down, stay, shake, roll-over and is really just the coolest little Chihuahua mix ever.  He's also physically stronger as well.  You can actually feel his little muscles and he's got great stamina.  He loves to snuggle, curl up in fuzzy blankies and sleeps under the covers every night.  We're pretty much inseparable and I have you to thank for bringing us together. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Katie M., San Carlos (and Rocky too!)

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JackDear Humane Society,

We got Jack in December of 2007. Although when we got him, he wasn't yet named Jack. We named him after both Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Dawson from Titanic. We figured he could be both an adventurer and a lover. Jack has proved to be an adventurer. Since he lived most of his live in a cage before we got him, he didn't get the opportunity to explore as he does now. Now he gets the opportunity to explore our backyard and the coast side of California. He is a lover as well as a explorer, he likes to be with people. There is no where in the house Jack would rather be then with his family and with his best bud Megan (our other dog). From all the members of the Rose family we would like to thank the Humane Society for bringing Jack into our home and for all the work they do.

The Rose Family

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DaisyDear PHS,

A couple months ago we lost our 10 year old dog, Cuba, who we adopted from PHS 9 years ago.  Soon after, my husband and I decided the only way to honor him was to go to PHS and adopt another dog.  Since I’m a volunteer at PHS, I knew there were 5 dogs that had been at the shelter for a very long time and they all needed a home desperately.  As we entered PHS, I let my heart guide me.  The first dog we looked at was Daisy – she’d been at PHS for 9 months and for some strange reason, no one ever inquired about her.   My husband is a softy, so I knew the first dog we looked at would be the dog we’d take home. Daisy has adjusted to our home as if she’s lived here for years.  She respects our 7 year old dog (also a PHS alumnus) as well as our 18 year old cat. Although we often ask ourselves how such a sweet dog could’ve been overlooked for so long, we’re thankful that she was – she’s truly an angel, and she’s our angel!

Linda and Jordan G, Hillsborough

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ShadowDear PHS,

Hello, this is Shadow checking in!  I am happily settled into my new home and I have learned to get along with the dogs here (although I do have to compete with Annie the dog for the sunny spots...FYI, she also came from PHS a year ago).  I want to thank PHS for all the care that you provided to me.  Thank you to the humane officer who picked me up when I was abandoned, the vet staff who healed my injuries, the animal care technicians who made sure that I was clean, fed and comfortable every day, the behavior department who quickly determined what a great guy I was, the volunteer staff who advocated for me, and finally, the customer service department who processed my adoption with such enthusiasm.   Black cats are often overlooked in shelters, and I am very grateful that PHS gives us all a chance for a better life.  By the way, my new Mom thinks that black cats are smarter than other cats, and I have to say that I cannot disagree with that conclusion!

Sincerely, Shadow the cat

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YukiDear PHS Staff,

Attached are some pics of Yuki! My husband and I are enjoying her so much, so thank you for all the hard work you do at the shelter! Thanks too for Yuki's spring photo! We got it in the mail this week and it is so adorable! I will send more pics after I take more this weekend of Yuki's room and her yard!


Lilian K., San Mateo

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AbbyAndBelleDear PHS Staff,

Pictures of my wonderful new kitties from PHS are attached. Abby (black and white) and Belle (formerly Aspen is gray and white). The girls are adapting nicely. They are still a bit shy and skittish, but have come out of their shells quite a bit in the last two months.

Abby is on a diet, and trys to eat Belle's food at every possible chance. Both enjoy taking over both the couch as well as the bed. They love to run up and down the hallway and chase their toys and each other.

We are enjoying them thoroughly!

Anne Marie & Dan P.

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CleoTwo years ago my beloved cat Cow passed away. He was with me for 15 years and I wasn't sure I would ever get another pet. But one rainy afternoon I started looking at photos of cats up for adoption online and as soon as I saw Cleopatra I knew she was the one. My husband went to meet her at the SPCA in San Mateo and within ten seconds she was on his lap reaching up her paws to give him a hug. He brought her home that day. She was very happy to be living a life of luxury again - getting lots of pets and free to roam over her new domain. She has a beautiful shiny black coat, green eyes, and loves to cuddle and play. Her favorite games are chasing paper balls up and down our long hall and swatting at the cat dancer. She is content to be an indoor kitty which is perfect for us because we live in a City flat. I am so happy we were able to adopt Cleopatra. She brings joy to our home.

Rosemary P., San Francisco

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MerlinAndLokiI've grown up with cats my family has adopted from PHS. So, over 5 years ago, I was thrilled to learn
that my new husband loved kitties as much as me! 6 months after our wedding we went to PHS and found our black cat, Merlin (formerly known as Raven). Then, one year later, we went back to PHS to find Merlin a companion. And then the tiny gray tabby we named Loki came home with us.

Today, Merlin is a big cat -- he's all muscle. His brother Loki is much smaller in size, but loves to wrestle with Merlin. When Merlin isn't sprawled on his back on the chair, snoring away, he's chirping for
belly rubs. Loki lives up to his name by opening cabinets and howling for attention every so often.

My husband and I agree that our lives were pretty darn
good without pets, but life is so much better with our
2 kitties! We wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you PHS for all you do for the kitties!

Kari S. and Vince T.

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NinerWe adopted "Niner" several months ago.  When we brought him home, he only weighed 8 lbs and you could see every bone in his body. He was brought into the shelter as a stray. Once we spent some time with him at the shelter, we knew we had to take him home. He was a sick for the first two weeks. We hand fed him during this time and as you can see, he is very healthy and happy now. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without him. He has a great demeanor and is very affectionate!

Thank you so much!

The Michell's, Pacifica

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