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PHS/SPCA By The Numbers

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Jack the dog wears a red bandana and enjoys running in the indoor dogpark at Center for Compassion in Burlingame while waiting for an adopter

NOTE: The data provided below was updated January 25, 2017 and will be periodically updated.

The numbers at a glance…

…PHS/SPCA accepts 100% of the animals brought to us for help: unlike most other animal charities here in the S.F. Bay Area we accept every animal, regardless of that animal's health, age, behavior, and even regardless of the animal's species. We are truly an "Open Door" facility…

…despite that unusual fact and the obvious challenges it creates, PHS/SPCA guarantees a home for 100% of the healthy, adoptable dogs and cats we receive, with animals now able to remain at the shelter and receive love, care and attention for the days, weeks, months, even a year or longer it may take until a new permanent home and family is found…

…and continues to increase the numbers of pets treated and then adopted through our Hope Program which focuses life-saving efforts to an ever growing percentage of the animals who come to us sick, injured, too young to be away from their mothers, or behaviorally challenged…

…every year, PHS/SPCA saves the lives of thousands of animals: homeless, injured, orphaned, unwanted, lost, abandoned and often mistreated animals, including dogs and cats and other companion animals, farmed animals, exotic animals, and native wildlife…

…has reduced euthanasia in San Mateo County by 98.2% since 1970 and continues year after year to push ahead, making this among the safest and best places in the nation for companion animals…

…all of this wonderful work made possible, in part, through the support of over 1,400 active volunteers and more than 24,000 local contributing families and households.

For more details about the statistics behind the success, please click here.



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